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"Personal Log, Stardate 9.13.16" by Jerry E Smith ©9/13/16

Today is Tuesday, I find I am a morass of conflicting emotions.
I’ve had some news, that was on one front surprising and
Both uplifting and confusing.
On the other front, the second bit of news was also surprising
And both Depressing and confusing.
After six years of struggling, do I accept what I got and be
Or do I ‘disagree and appeal’ meaning even more years of my
Life spent in struggle with “THE SYSTEM”.
I have barely turned on my computer today. I got up for a
While, then went back to bed, and I am tempted to go back
There once more.
I have some friends who want me to come out tonight, to
Share in the frivolity, but will I just be a wet blanket? OR
Will that help to ‘divert’ me out of this rut?
I hate depression. I hate being paralyzed, in a rut not
Knowing what to do.

“Personal Log, Stardate 9.13.16” by
Jerry E Smith

"Gaia, my love" by Jerry E Smith ©9/14/16

I knew a lass with moonlight in her eyes.
Her spirit radiated like the sun
She had about her a wildness untamed;
A bird flying, a Gazelle on the run.

With speechless wonder I would gaze at her,
My trembling heart barely daring to beat,
I had no voice to speak, no words would stir.
She held me enthralled; a child at her feet.

She is my world, I survive on her skin.
Her life is my life; she must continue,
It is a war, it is one we must win.
If we love her, we will let her renew.

“Gaia, my Love” by
Jerry E Smith

“Balanced Perfection” by Jerry E Smith ©9/15/16

In sparkling moonlight, rippling waves caress
Warm, whispering breezes, bring the salt air.
A pristine vision; a lover impressed.
Arms and bodies entwined, their passions flare.

Their visions obscured by loves sweet embrace,
Unaware of the outside they become.
Pulses pounding as their burning hearts race,
Their blending bodies, spirits become one.

A perennial human condition,
Part of the vital ebb and flow of life.
Lovely symmetry, Balanced Perfection
Yet often it seems to be filled with strife.

“Balanced Perfection” by
Jerry E Smith

“Morning Blessing” by Jerry E Smith ©9/17/16

The bluish indigo of night, slowly
Becomes the golden sun light of the dawn,
Exposing all the blessings and burdens
That come with each day. Thus, it is our life
To lead each other away from the dark.

A great purpose, a greater blessing,
To share, to care, and to help those in need.
Such a great responsibility, but
A joy as well, to be the one to see.
When the light of love ignites in faces
Where before there was nothing but despair

“Morning Blessing” by
Jerry E Smith


Inspiration, Introspection, Poetry

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author avatar Jongleur
I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 6 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) VERY PRN, and I work for a home care agency now.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Sep 2016 (#)

These are lovely poems my friend .
I hope you get them published so a wider audience can enjoy them as well.
Shake off those heavy feelings you wrote of in your first words .Life is too short to stay in the land of melancholy and depression .
At times like those ( rarer now ) I seek good company and pray ... then the gloom lifts and the day seems brighter no matter what time of year .
May God richly bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Jongleur
22nd Sep 2016 (#)

Thank you, as always Stella. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

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author avatar Jongleur
22nd Sep 2016 (#)

I commented with gratitude Stella, but the comment seems to have disappeared.
Thank you anyway.
Are you on Facebook?

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