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Its a known fact that life is a race and if you are not a part of this race you are bound to be disqualified . Many in fear of getting disqualified ceed before getting into the race itself...

Dream to live!!

life is nothing but a race
all you can do is be steady and not haste
realities will come all way long
just look up and sing a song
make it feel ashamed of its dareness
prove that you are not a person of darkness...
stand up and look into its eye
dare your shyness..come on feel the sky
its going to be hard out there
don't worry somebody is looking out for you from somewhere
just move on and give it a shot
show the world the power you have got...
get up, push up, throw up but don't give up
you will have your loved ones by your just keep up..
and then you will have your dreams in your arms
shining above just like the stars ....


Hope, Hopeful, Hopelessness, Hopes Dreams, Power, Power Of Words, Powerful, Thoughts, Will

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
Hello people ! I am a student whose aim is to become a professional writer .I love writing all kinds of stuff but what interests me the most is poetry . Hope you all enjoy my writing (Neha Dwivedi )

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author avatar Buzz
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

A poem that buoyed people up, geeta, dear. Also a song that burrows in the heart of those few you hold dear. Exquisite poetry, thank you.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

Very inspirinng. Thank you geeta.

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author avatar Songbird B
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

Inspiring and powerful Geeta..Very positive attitude to have..Nice work!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

Hello, in your poem, dear Geeta
I hear Bhagavadgeeta!

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author avatar Retired
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

May my deeds shine to the world,
To create the beauty I've unfurled.
To tell the world of the peace and love,
I found in race from One up Above.

Clocking time from that first cry,
Enjoying every moment that go by.
To look back and learn from the experience,
And share it with reverence.

For in this race we have set time,
Given by Creation sublime.
It is our dream and will to realise,
How our actions us immortalise.

For in this race hurdles you find,
Then we try to regress and rewind.
Only to realise its all lost time,
The greatest of greatest crime.

Forward run no backward race,
For experience will shine its grace.
You will see you are stronger and smarter,
Fighting through obstacle jumping lighter.

For an hurdle is done but with a stride,
With legs split left and right.
Body hurled forward, arms in pace,
You are jumping them at fast pace.

Slowly you ease and begin to run,
Till you finish the race as the One.
That is when everyone will stand,
The Creator and angels in hand.

To hold you close to welcome you home,
With petals of triumph thrown from dome.
Then you look back at the HIStory of life,
With all the experience rife.

For that is what brings you the Crown,
To many jealous ones just a frown.
For that crown is the trophy of life,
Complimenting you the overcoming of strife.

Make sure you leave a mark around,
That does the whole world surround.
For that is when they will stop to learn,
From the experience they can't discern.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 3rd December 2011

Nice one Geetha... Inspired the above....

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author avatar Val Mills
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

That's my kind of race :-)

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

thank you friends...

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author avatar Socrates
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

You are back with a bang.Gud one Geeta.

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
4th Dec 2011 (#)

thank you Ashutosh !!

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author avatar Sheila Newton
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

So inspirational. The language here is splendidly crafted into a work or art. Lovely!

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
4th Dec 2011 (#)

Oh!! thank you very much Sheila...

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author avatar Tranquilpen
4th Dec 2011 (#)

All of it was deeply remarkable but the part that got me in stitches was: "get up, push up, throw up but don't give up." Thank you for sharing Geeta

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
5th Dec 2011 (#)

thank you Tranquilpen...

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