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Learning to try new things outside of your comfort zone can help you become a better rounded individual and help you to have a greater appreciation for other people.


Comfort is something that drives people in more ways than most will ever realize. It's the reason people follow the same routine every day, have a certain type of friends, follow certain types of hobbies, hold the religious views they do, etc. While there is nothing wrong with comfort in and of itself, it is important that we keep it in perspective and realize that growth most often occurs outside of this zone.

Learning to expand your zone

I am someone who lives my life very much within my comfort zone. I get embarrassed when I am with someone and they do anything that draws unnecessary attention to us. I will do anything I can to fly under the radar and avoid having people notice me. But lately, I have started to open up a little more and try things that I would not normally do. I have made new friends that enjoy going out and being adventurous and talking to just about anyone. Through being with these people, I have realized that doing things outside of my comfort zone is good for me. It forces me to try new things, to laugh a little more, and to realize that things that are different from the way I would do them are okay.

This is where growth occurs

I now believe that trying to live outside of my comfort zone helps me to grow and makes me a more well-rounded person. Through experiencing things outside of my comfort zone I meet new people that I would not otherwise have the pleasure of knowing. I also try new things that help me to understand people that are wired differently than myself. Growth can manifest itself in a variety of different ways that we may not even notice, ourselves. But without trying things outside of our comfort zone we will not be forced to expand beyond our old selves and we will forever remain in the same place that we have always been.


While learning to live outside of your comfort zone and try new things can be quite uncomfortable initially, you will be glad you did so in the end. You will become someone you never knew you were capable of being and find strength and confidence that you did not know you had. So the next time someone asks you to try something new or to do something you wouldn't normally do, say yes and see what happens. You might find yourself enjoying it and even if you don't, you will make new friends along the way.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Yes, stepping out of the comfort zone occasionally is a good idea. It's like thinking out of the box. Good piece.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Positive thinking indeed, thanks for the share. I try to be outside my comfort zone to the extent I am comfortable! - siva

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author avatar A K Rao
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Yes, you need to gt out of your comfort zone to expand it further! Often I find learning zone is also as good as the comfort zone! Very nice article! Thanks for sharing dear Billnye!

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author avatar BillNye
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks for comments, guys

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