Common sense V/s prolific knowledge

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The page is just a reminder to those who think they have got all.Everybody must possess sense and that makes sense. being a nerd or a dynamic learner doesn't guarantee a good life or a good future for you. The writer is of the opinion that you must have knowledge combined with sense. Is he right?

Definition : common sense

Common sense is one of the most widely known term, However many people don’t know the power that this 2- word term holds. Common sense is the best intelligence one can possess. If one has common sense than all other knowledge’s can be acquired or learnt easily.

Just like in building blocks, the base block or the group of blocks at the base are the most important in building a structure. If a person has a fragile base and builds a long structure, i.e acquires large no. of skills without common knowledge then his structure is prone to fall very soon.

Every person has some amount of common sense which he must have the ability to use at the right moment. A highly skilled person no doubt would stand a better chance than an illiterate man with just common sense. But, In many day to day situations, a person with a better common sense is far more skillful in handling a situation than a person having greater knowledge

Do you Have sense : Test Yourself

We will see with an example how intelligent a person can be with no common sense.
Given below is a simple problem , (think you can solve it?)

A person goes to his office daily. He is the Branch head of his office with profound knowledge on his subject.The weather is clear and there are no clouds. He takes a different path and comes upon a gravel path. He sees a beggar sitting on a footpath having a silver ware and asking for alms. He is a middle aged man and well developed body. He also possesses a locket having the letter (A) , hanging up his clean shaved face and neck.
The Branch head drops 2 guineas (if i would get such alms daily,even i would have been a beggar)in his ware and goes ahead…….?
Did he have even one bit of sense…….ask yourself?
I will give the answer in the later section.

Decide Who you want to be-______________-

My main motive was to say that, the means by which a person sees this world are his eyes and the means by which he analyses the same , is his common sense.
A clever person (having a bit of common sense) can tell the difference between a Diamond and a glass (can you?)
A wise man is one who takes stand according to a situation. It’s being street-smart, that’s all. You got to possess a little sense and a bit of knowledge and success will; run your way. A person (having no sense) will oppose his boss for very minute reasons, whereas a person with common sense will never argue, rather “Sir, I believe that there is no mistake at all in this project, just one thing more and your ambition would be a grand success” and your sir asks “What?”
In this way you don’t oppose but still give your view, which is why this person will have a better chance to stand for a promotion. Don’t you think?
Decide for yourself whether you want to be a nerd with no common sense or not a nerd with lots of common sense.
If you go by my thinking, I will suggest neither of the two. (think!!)

I described a peculiar situation, if you remember where a Branch head gives 2 Guineas to a beggar. You have to answer whether he did correct or not? First give your answer (don’t cheat) and then look at what is the real one……..

No, the branch head was an idiot having his head filled with hay. He should go to some Sunday-school rather than be the branch head. One can easily notice that the person possessed a silver-ware (where did he get it?) and then he had a clean shaved face and neck. Do you expect a beggar to shave or to trim his hair daily?
He is an imposter


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Jun 2014 (#)

Interesting take Pratik. Common sense is not that common! The intelligent person will have a view of the world from his perspective. A teacher who is academically brilliant will not understand the problems faced by students with average intelligence. One should be also a team player with empathy and compassion and have a balanced approach to life - siva

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author avatar pratik
29th Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you Sivaramakrishnan A for responding

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