Communicating Creates Our World!

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Communicating creates our world and our abilities including your skills to listen.

Listen,Speak, And write more Effectively.!

Certain things are real for us because we can see them, touch them, hear them, smell them, or taste them. Books, pencils, tables, chairs, and food all are real in this sense. They enter our world in a straightforward, uncomplicated. Many other aspects of our lives, however, do not have this kind of reality. None of us can point up a purpose, for example. Nor would a purpose step up and introduce itself or buy us lunch . The same is true about other abstract concepts, such as quality, intelligence love, trust, human rights, or people success. Concepts such as these shape our experience of life. Yet they don't really exist until we talk about them. These concepts come alive for us only to the degree that we define and discuss them. Communicating brings our world into being. Through communication, we take raw impressions and organize them into meaningful patterns. With our senses, we perceive sights, sounds, and other sensations. However, none of our sense organs is capable of perceiving meaning. We create meaning by finding pattern in our sensations and communicating them. In our daily contract with other people and mass media, we exposed to hundred of messages. Yet the obstacles to receiving those messages accurately are numerous. For one thing, only a small percentage of communication is verbal. We also send message with our bodies and with the tone of our voice. Throw in a few other factors, such as a hot room or background noise, and it's a wonder we communicate at all. Another problem is that the message sent is often not the message received. Even the simplest message can get muddled. Written communication adds a whole other set of variable. When you speak, you supplement the meaning of your words with the power of body language and voice inflection. When you write, those nonverbal elements are absent. Instead, you depend on your skill at word choice, sentence construction, and punctuation to get your message across. The choices that you make in these areas can serve as an aid--- or a hindrance-----to communication.


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23rd Oct 2013 (#)

Indded, very important contents you put in this post

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23rd Oct 2013 (#)

Thanks Fern!

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