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It is noted that we are driven by some form of competition, either to perform better or to prove someone wrong.


The recognition of competition in our lives is such beauty
As it can have that ability to expel that spirit of complacency
Getting over that message to have a measure of readiness
Hence those occasional situations that come along can be addressed

Imagine being one of those competitors in a race
And resigned in the mind to run it at a very steady pace
There will come to point where you will be at the back of the group
Seeing with a heavy heart the heels of the other competitors boots

There will always that time ago when at school in a class
No doubt there were some there who had the ability to learn fast
As a student if there is that desire to remain in the group at the top
It was important to ensure that any type of distraction got drop

Now take a look at this structure that is employed by an organization
Who decided to remained cloaked in a form of hierarchical system
Workers being frustrated so there is that drop in the level of production
In the meantime the competition is smiling on the way to the banking institution

Being sensible they decided to make changes in all those areas
An in the process decided to definitely empower those workers
Recognizing that they are more in a position to make informed decisions
And also too they are now well trained and have the relevant qualifications

So with such a knowledge base would have a wide range of information?
And too can watch the changes in the trend of customer’s expectations
Then blessed with the power to effect those changes when needed
Therefore the organization would have a chance to succeed

So do not see competition in a mood so glib
Be positive take is a the little nudge in the rib
One which reminds that the mind should always be sharp
And not let the competitors get too big a start .


Competitive, Opposition, Position, Rivalry, Status

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
4th Nov 2012 (#)

Always a very good thing

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