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I bestow upon you all a small compilation of works dedicated to my wife.

Happy Anniversary

The number two is not for you, for you are my number one. My wife of whom I have the most fun. For there is no one else I would decide to have by my side, made clear, when I chose you as my bride. Three years ago xxx.



Pleasantly I received from you,
A love so pure. A love so true.
To warm me inside with feelings anew,
Right at a time when love was due.
Instantly when I felt it was you,
Calmly, I began to pursue, and,
In an instant, the relationship grew,
Almost immediately, between us two.


There have been a few,
As I searched in vain,
Looking for you.

In my haste,
I took and made do,
With those who simply,
Didn't have a clue....
About love.

But, out there, somewhere,
There was you.
What I was going thru.

So...! Is it any wonder...?
That me and you,
Can come to realise,
What's way overdue....
Our love.


It's a while since you have been,
Able to open up and let someone in.
Was it simply that I had the key...?
Or due to the fact that you fancied me?

Either way, I opened your door,
But to what effect, you were unsure?
Kind, gentle love, is what you saw,
When you invited me in, thru your front door.

Once inside, I wasted no time,
Winning you over and making you mine.
Touching. Teasing. The tantalising caress,
Left you deep breathing. Totally out of breath.

I turned on the tap, letting loose the flood.
Filling the chamber, whilst inserting the plug.
You then welled up, again and again,
Cascading fluids being allowed to drain.

At one stage, I sat, head immersed,
In the tidal flow as the banks burst.
Oh what joy, to swim in your sea,
As liquid emotions rain down upon me.


You on my left and me on your right,
Laying next to each other throughout the night.
The closeness of our bodies touching skin to skin,
As we express the love we have within.
Every breath you take, I take one too.
Every move you make, I follow you.
Your silky soft hair caresses my face,
As I hold you close in a firm embrace.
The scent of your body mingled with mine,
Appeals to the senses, overwhelms my mind.
So when we fight and the cause is long gone,
Our cuddles together is what keeps our love strong.


Anniversary, Compilation, Tin Can

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author avatar Tin Can
My poetry tend to veer towards feelings of emotion. Love. Sex. Desire. Most of my verses will reflect these sentiments as I mainly write straight from the heart. 31 Jan 15.

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author avatar brendamarie
12th Oct 2015 (#)

beautiful poem!!

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author avatar Tin Can
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank you.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Wonderful piece of poetry my friend, cheers!

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author avatar Tin Can
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank you

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author avatar Susan Hauck
14th Oct 2015 (#)

Great poem! Great share! Thanks!

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author avatar Tin Can
15th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank you Susan

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author avatar Helen Thomas
15th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks for this beautiful share.

Blessings to you.

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author avatar Tin Can
17th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank you Helen

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