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As people we tend to complain, but never seem to or want to factor in the fact that we too may be a contributor.


Today, many people are complaining quite bitterly
When they see the price they have to pay for energy
But in a system which is fraught by capitalism and inflation
This will be a regular feature no matter the situation.

But as consumers, should we not take some of the blame
And should not on the supplier always apportion that blame
Having now over time having our home bedecked like a miniature factory
Perhaps now getting so lazy, that many former chores; are now powered by electricity.

Added to this, there are air conditioner s, washer and dryer
Look how many times the children are opening the door of the refrigerator
Also those many hours spent employing the versatility of the computer
These are among those deeds that make that energy bill much higher

Sometimes there will be a house and everywhere is well illuminated
There will be a light burning is a room which has been long vacated
Yes the face of crime to has be a contributor to this energy price
Because too many have installed in their home some form of safety device.

In the summer month, there may be that abundance of heat
So many to that cooled room may beat a hasty retreat
One can pass and hear that motor going for an entire day
Then they will complain when there is a huge bill to pay.

On the road on can hear being discussed during a pass
That regular complaint of the increasing price of gas
But what can be so striking when there is that talk
That many of them chose to drive to place to which they can walk.

But as situation that strike home and one so interestingly
Is the way many of them try to forget or have memories do conveniently?
Because they were raised in a manner in which it was practiced regularly
How to use thing so efficiently and most of all economically

Now as life has changed, this has also brought along a problem
They seem not to have taught these values to their children
But would prefer to sit grumble, complain put the children’s head in swoon
By letting they have that belief that they were born with the proverbial gold spoon.


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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
2nd Oct 2011 (#)

Wonderful as always

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author avatar Retired
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

Nice share...thanks for sharing....

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author avatar Songbird B
2nd Nov 2011 (#)

Oh yes! I love the way you can captured so many of these every day scenarios within your poetic style.. Wise words as always, and too much truth to make comfortable

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