Confessions of the Heart

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My poetical feelings about my own feelings and how I wish to be understood

Me--Just Me

My personality is blurred, it may seem,
So I'll just have to say this here:
I don't believe people can honestly see
Past the person I often appear.

It's not that I put on an act or facade,
I try so hard to be real.
But sometimes I'm different than what I let on,
And often don't show what I feel.

My face doesn't show my feelings too well,
So I often feel misunderstood.
Excited or upset, it can be hard to tell,
And difficult to pick up my mood.

In times of great hardship, or times of pain,
I'll bear it as best as I can.
And I'll still be smiling in the pouring rain,
Because that's just how I am.

Let it be known that I'm just like you.
My life has it's highs and lows.
Most things about me are nothing new,
But there are things that nobody knows.

My trust is immediate, even after it's broken,
Why? Even I cannot say.
If you need help, I will always be open,
Even if it hasn't been my day.

I love the most when I feel without it,
As if to fill in the void.
I'll do my best to boost your confidence,
Even if mine has been destroyed.

I realize that I take a great risk
Sharing the depths of my heart
But I know by letting you know all of this,
I've surpassed the hardest part

Of helping you understand where I am
And where I plan to go.
Having said that I hope that you understand
That I don't always show

The things I feel or want to say
But I, too full degree,
Will always be in the best way
No one else other than me--just me.


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author avatar aliciasummers56
I am 18 years old, and I absolutely love to write. I really could just write about everything, but personal issues and experiences are easiest for me.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
4th Mar 2011 (#)

Well crafted expressions. I feel your heart in me!

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