Conflicting Shadows (chapter 3)

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Hello world, so sorry i had to receed in my shell for a while. This is from Conflicting Shadows........have a nice read.


Akin stared intently as the masked man brandishing two recently cleaned revolvers approached him. He was not weary nor did he feel fear, only an air of respect and reverence that filled him with high spirits.
Maybe it was just the euphoria that came with the steady intake from a bottle of Johnny Walker, a trend that had carried on for hours.
“You do have a way with people.” He finally said.
Sam stopped short of the three legged plastic table in the middle of the half-full room, flashed Akin a glance, his shoulders slumped in defeat.
“I told you to leave; your work here is done.” He managed to squeeze through clenched teeth, placing both guns on the table.
As he sat, he pointed to the doorway. “You have to leave, go to school; you cannot meet the main players in this game yet, and they would be here anytime soon.”
“You can’t do this.” Akin burst out, angrily slamming both palms on the table so hard, drink spilled from their half-empty plastic cups. “I was in as much pressure as you were in getting this done; why do you have to get all the credit?” Sam smiled, shaking his head. He knew how hotheaded his brother in-law could get; he nursed thoughts of showing him who was boss at times, but he loved the lad.
“Small pikin dey do you abi?” Sam started, switching to Pidgin English, making the conversation more personal in his attempt to appeal to reasoning.
“No be you come meet me say oppression wan kill you? I no only carry you go the stream where I dey catch fish, I still show you how I dey catch am.” Only pausing a moment to point to Akins pocket, he continued.
“Five hundred thousand naira, nah hin rest for your pocket so oh! You come still dey shine eye for me?” he blew through the words in the sing song tone that was peculiar to indigenous Nigerians from the South-south.
Sam paused, allowing for his steamy words to sink in the cheese thick tension, holding Akins gaze all the time.
“I tell you say, time never reach to sabi the full package, oya! Comot here now, take this key, you fit carry the Camry go school today………..Vamoose!”
Akin knew there was no pleading his cause with an angry Sam, he flushed the rest of his Johnny down his throat, snatched the key on the table and stormed towards the door.
“Hey!” Sam called out after him as he got to the door.
“What?” Akin snapped, exasperated.
“You can have the car for the rest of the week, remember, this house is a No! No!!”
The smile on Akins face was not forced.
“2010 camry for five days?Haha, this town is gonna bleed.” he thought
He said nothing though, just bowed out of the house.
“Rule one: never make the in-law know you are glad”

The climate in the car was a deep contrast to the brain boiling sun he had encountered, nimbly meandering through heaps of ready to be burnt grass in front of the bungalow. Overcome with a feeling of well-being as the car’s engine awoke to the button press of the magnetic key, he shifted the automatic transmission into reverse.
Dry grass and branches screamed under the treadmill tires as the beast of a car eased off under the big tree it was parked, for want of shade from the web of leaves, sprouting from the trees fat branches.
“To attend or not to attend class?” his mind battled as he guided the car nonchalantly over and through the knolls and depressions on the erosion stricken path that led to the Ogbomosho- Ilorin expressway, his rearview mirror, picking out the now receding bungalow and the neatly parked taxi cab beside it.
He decided on heading first to school, so he could smile at the faces of the silver-spooned monkeys; as the thick foliage on both sides of the car seemed to squeeze it out as it eased onto the freeway.
He aimed the machine as if to head for Ogbomosho, but turned to face Ilorin on the other lane as soon as he got to the nearest intersection.
“lil wayne? No! , Birdman? No! , Eminem?Nooooooo!”
He wondered angrily why Sam was still heads over heels for rap music at that age as he flicked through the songs shown on the touch screen monitor of the media player, seated neatly in an alcove on the shiny mahogany dashboard of the automobile.
He tricked his mind into believing he was Tom Cruise in Minority Report, as he kept brushing his right hand across the touch screen, shoulder slouched to the right and maintaining 120km|hr as he guided his car with his left hand past the Ilorin international airport.
Just as he was about to give up hope and surrender to the voice of Rick Ross, he stumbled on a pot of gold. Ten minutes later, he was cruising the Tanke road towards the University of Ilorin, main campus with Evanescence’s Bring me to life, blasting on replay.
Akin was one of the few Nigerians he knew, who listened to rock music; he loved the bashing of the drums and crazy plucking on electronic guitar strings. The lavish, carefree lifestyle of rock stars appealed greatly to him, this choice of fantasy made him an easy prey for oppression, and a flaw that led him to engage in the heart to heart talk he had with his brother in-law, a dozen days and forty eight hours ago.
As he gunned the car from Tanke junction towards Oke-Odo, a part of his brain churned the events of the past few months.
Being a fresher, he`d arrived early and full of vigor to the school premises, hoping to find the tales of freedom and sowing wild oaths; passed down by his hood brothers to be true, and true they were, but he soon discovered that times had changed.
Registration week found Akin honing his wooing skills.
“Hello, I see you have signed and stamped your course form.” He said, attempting to strike a conversation with the petite girl in hip gripping blue jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt, that bared the shiny bulge of the huge mounds on her chest; split in two by the thin but expensive looking chain, that dangled a bag shaped pendant, between her cleavages.
Leading his gaze away from her bosom with hers; she responded somewhat disturbed.
“Yes! And what’s it to you?”
“Well, I was wondering if you could put me through, this is my first time in the premises.” He responded, feigning ignorance.
“I see.” she replied her doubting eyes sizing him up, before continuing. “You make two copies of the form here.” Gesturing to the makeshift shop they were standing in front of, which comprised of a red shipping container, stuffed full with four wooden chairs; tables too, three desktop computers and a photocopier. The entrance was shielded by sliding glass; the mist on it suggested that even though the enclosure was crammed full of students making copies of what not, a climate changer must have been installed in the enclosure.
Akin took it all in one glance.
“After that?” he directed his gaze back at the object of his deception.

“Wow, she really has a huge rack……looking from afar, I would have never….. Stop staring boy, it’s rude and she might flip”

Try as he may, he could not center his gaze on hers, an extremely strong and unseen force kept dragging his eyes to her chest. So engrossed was he in not trying to stare at her boobs, that by the time the girl finished her rambling with a “Do you understand?” , all he had heard was a series of blahs!
“Yes I do.” He managed to vomit, deciding to push his luck, he ventured further.
“I know this might sound a bit awkward, considering the fact that we just met, but you do seem like a nice young lady, and I would like to hang out with you sometime”……………..
Time must have stopped, for she just stared at him with a look of utter surprise, yet laced with all knowingness.
Finally, a wicked smile split her face in half, as she responded casually.

“I don’t know how, but I kind of knew, you where headed in that direction.”

“What direction?”

“Quite typical of you to stick to denial, denial that the fact you opened that yap of yours and wasted my spit and my time was to get acquainted with this boobs here.”


Akin was surprised now, not from the fact that this girl was even blunter than his friend Sly was, but that she would change the flow of the conversation to a zone he never could have phantom.

“See baby boy, first off, I might look like a fresher and be one, but I have not time for post-teenage-ego consumed-libido driven-financially insecure chaps.” She breezed by the words like the furious flaps of humming birds wings.

Akin had no time to recover from the barrage of words; hence, she squeezed in a few more, pointing past his head.

“I prefer readymade-eager to spend-and ready to lend a hand-men, like that guy over there.”

Akins dazed gaze followed her in amazement as she skipped past him to a neatly parked CLK Benz convertible a few feet from where he stood; hopping in the machine with a flash of ivy, neatly patched in the crook of her sexy ass and no backward glance.
“What just happened?” Akin thought as he willed his shame laden muscles to move him from the spot he was rotted in. An action he had to infuse every bit of nonchalance he had, because the four guys few feet from where he stood had witnessed the whole thing and he wasn’t sure if they were laughing at him or something else, but they were indeed laughing hard and staring at him.
Someone was blowing a muffled horn in his ear, he turned left to see an angry cab driver giving him the middle finger as he over-took in a ram shackled Toyota starlet.
Gripping the wheel of the Camry tightly as Akin came to reality; he sped past the starlet’s right, smiling at the driver as he flew by, whilst the starlet dragged behind like an old lady crossing the street with her skirt hitched high.
Lil Wayne’s Abortion was bursting the speakers of the night black Toyota Camry as he eased into the lecturer’s parking space, directly in front of the department. A dozen beaming girls were scattered in front of the department, diluted with a few guys eyeing as he fit in the car in a suitable spot.

Stepping out in an exaggerated flourish, his shoulders high as if packed full of feathers; back-handing the door shut with his right hand, doing a two-step to the beat, creeping out through the sound proof glass, he flipped out his blackberry, and leaned against the car.
“Nieggar, where are you at?” SEND

“Rude boy, I is at a borin-G class.” The unseen hand on the other end of his phone screen responded.

Akin could barely conceal the knowing smile on his face as he imagined his stupid friend in class.

“I don’t know how I understand the language you type in, but I got four wheels out back now, and she’s rearing to go.” SEND

“Hmmm, Operation leak out of class activated.”

Five minutes later, Sly appeared the smile on his face so loud it nearly tore his face in half.

Akin wasn’t the least amused.

“Why did you have to keep me waiting?” he hissed.

“Hey! Hey!!, I got your back man, I see the lady you are with and by God, she’s a beauty……. Shall we?”

The question he asked was of no essence, for he was in the car even before Akin could come up with a retort.

Getting in the driver seat, Akin sheepishly, making a forced grin.

“One of these days, I’ll wring your neck, you joker.”


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