Connected events, coincidence, and oneness

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The writer recently had an experience in which a series of events unfolded for him right before his eyes.

He was just an observer here, but he gained some vital learnings and insights from what would perhaps otherwise have been just a largely wasted morning, sitting idly by doing nothing while he waited for his wife to finish her hair-cut.

By way of an example

I was sitting on a stool outside of a barber's salon, while my wife was inside getting the works done to her hair, coloured, perm, like I said, the works.

Across on the other side of the arcade, that I was sitting in, directly opposite of me, there was a small shop, that repaired mobile phones.

I sat there for a good fifty-five minutes, and not one customer stopped at this man's little shop. Then a man stopped and wanted his phone looked at. Just then a group of young girls also stopped and wanted covers for their mobile phones.

This was not lunch-time. It was just in the middle of a quiet morning, maybe around ten-thirty, or so.

The shop-owner asked the man to wait for a minute while he made the quicker sale to these girls.

Then he served the man.

The shop was then empty of customers for another thirty-five minutes.

Then an old man stopped, and he just wanted a phone card.

Before the salesman got up to serve him though, a very fat old lady wobbled in and told him to serve her first. She had had her phone fixed by this guy earlier that morning, but now it still wouldn't work, or so it seemed. She was very angry about this, demanding now his immediate attention.

Then his phone rang, just as the big lady was thumping his desk so very hard now, and also rather noisily, with her equally large and big, rather meaty hand.

The man of course answered his phone glad to get away from this up-front customer at least for a few seconds, perhaps hoping that this timely delay might calm her down, if just a little bit.

The question then here that I was asking myself was whether these seemingly isolated events were related or connected together in any way?

Why did these events occur in clusters? Why did everything have to take place together like this, given that his shop had been empty for so long until these two groups of customers came in together seemingly just to annoy and upset or frustrate this guy?

This type of thing also so often happens to me too.

Someone will ring me on the phone, and then there will be a knock at my front door, precisely at the same time. Events seem to connect in weird ways as if the connection being made was far more than just being an idle coincidence.

By way of an explanation

What is the explanation for what is happening here above then?

The rattling of the ivory on the piano is never really only ever just rattling at all. A tune of some sort is always being played. This means that all things happen for a reason, and that there is a reason for all things happening.

Each reason is connected to something else, and so a sequence of events builds up, all relatedly connected to each other with no randomness ever to be ever possibly included in the equation, at any time.

The explanation is always one that points towards karma.

Here this man, and this is the same in most of these types of accumulating build-up of highlightably linked events, the man needs to calm himself in the presence of others to a degree where he sees progressive learning not as boring or trying but as the way things are.

The optimum learning experience is always being provided to you at all times, and when you do not learn, the increasing constancy of the experience builds until you will at last notice what is happening, and then finally learn, and learn, and then learn.

"I knew everything happened for a reason. I just wished the reason would hurry up and make itself known."

This quote is from Christina Lauren.

Christina Lauren is a combined pen name of the long-time writing partners, Christina Hobbs, and Lauren Billings. This co-author duo write both young adult and adult fiction, having produced several best-selling novels.

The problem is that we can never by-pass or hurry up a lesson.

We need to learn all we can from it before we can move on past it.

This is the reason why an event that has been unnoticed, in the sense that we have not learnt from it, will become more and more of another type of event that will then cause us in some way to stop where we are, and to take notice at last of what is really happening here.

Hopefully then, we will think about a reason about why it is happening, and then we will try to learn something from this reason for why something has happened.

Random events are not random, nor are they coincidence

Do small events also have meaning attached to them, or is it only in the larger events, and through our combining of all these events together, that we can see a greater meaning connected to them, and so to life in general?

Everything is happening perfectly as it should be, and which implies, that there are actually no chance events.

Random events, however, are slightly different that chance events. Random events involve more the seeming non-perfect timing of events. But even the timing, in the oneness, is always exact. Chance events are more about our seeing seeming co-incidences taking place within the moment of them happening.

The answer is there, and plain and simple to see.

There are no random events, or chance happenings.

Only in the individual separated life do events ever appear random, or by chance, and this is because you cannot as yet see the connection of this thought-to-be-isolated incident to the overall bigger picture.

Life is a series of insightful moments, where we realise the inner, and outer connections that are there between all of the various connected events happening to us.

The meaning is not inherent in the event, but the meaning is attached to what we learn from it. The only meaning in life is in learning.

Learning gives meaning, and hence the emphasis on learning, and treating life as lessons, because by so doing, we add meaning to otherwise seemingly random events, because the events, are just the events.

It's up to us to connect them through insight, and so to see the inner connective meanings that apply to us, and that help us to learn what is needed, and move forward with an added plus factor, to our life.

Life takes part in an arena, which is only a part of a greater arena, and all is moving forward, and we need to pay our way by serving life, and discovering the people not paying their way, and who are effectively stealing meaning from all others.

Life is a series of events, that are disconnected, only by our not seeing the connection. Every event is connected. There are no coincidences.

Photo credits: All photos used in this article have been sourced from the free media site, Wikimedia Commons.


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author avatar Utah Jay
8th Dec 2014 (#)

You know I sometimes wonder if it was all planned out in the beginning...Life I mean...Another great article.

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author avatar spirited
8th Dec 2014 (#)

I wonder that too, Utah Jay, and that's why I try to see the various connections and reasons why things are as they are.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Dec 2014 (#)

Some believe all is planned before we came here through past karma. Everyone has to go through the ups and downs, even the richest. We have to meet people not to our liking but that is what life is about - we do not get much of a choice really. My take is grin and bear it though some do bare their emotions when the push comes to shove like the impatient lady thinking she has been shortchanged!

We can all relate to what you have written Spirited wherever we are - siva

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author avatar spirited
8th Dec 2014 (#)

"Everyone has to go through the ups and downs, even the richest"

You seem to be right there siva, but I wonder why that is, karma I suppose....

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Dec 2014 (#)

Interesting post and full of great facts!

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author avatar spirited
9th Dec 2014 (#)

thanks Fern

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