Conquering the Fear

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Things in our lives happen that we cannot explain at that particular time. Years later we suddenly put all the pieces together, or at least as much as we can.

Conquering the Fear

Living on the farm with my family was the greatest experience of my life. I will always remember running through the grass barefoot, helping to bale hay, walking beans, taking care of the pets and livestock, mowing the yard, playing in our bedroom, practicing our musical instruments and studying at the desk that our father made for my sister and I. Reunions held out at the old farmhouse with all of our relatives gathered around, preparing big farm meals for the men who helped to bale hay, playing in the barn, running in the fields, playing in the snow, riding our bicycles up and down the farm road and watching television after a big delicious meal.
Despite all the good times out on the farm there was also a dark side to our farm. It was not until years later that my sister admitted feeling uneasy out on the farm. Neither one of us spoke to each other about what we knew at the time things we happening. I thought she would just think I was crazy or had no idea what I was talking about and she was thinking the same thing about me. If we had talked back then, maybe we could have worked things out.
I remember lying on my bed late at night. The lights were turned out and it was pitch black and all I saw were colored lights coming at me. It was like a snowstorm, but instead of big flakes of snow coming at me it was balls of colored lights. The lights would keep coming and coming until I thought I was going to go crazy. I remember screaming and crying and yelling for my mother who would come into our bedroom tired and angry and wanting to know what the problem was. I had no idea what to tell her. All I could say was that there were colored balls coming at me, thousands of colored balls and she had no idea what I meant and I had no idea either. I did not understand what was happening and it scared me to death. I finally learned to just keep my eyes shut, but I knew the colored balls were still there and I stopped calling my mother because I knew she did not understand and could do nothing about the situation anyway.
One night in the bathroom I was taking a shower. I loved to take showers, but with having well water we all had to be careful about how much hot water we used. So baths and showers had to be done very quickly. That particular night I turned around and looked at the upper part of the wall opposite the faucet and saw the skeleton of a hand. It started me so much that I hurried and climbed out of the bathtub. The bathroom is not a room that a person can avoid, so the times that I had to go in there I would look at that area of the bathtub wall and for several days I kept seeing that hand. Finally one night while I was taking my shower I looked at the wall again and this time I noticed that the hand was starting to fade away. After a couple of days the hand was completely gone, I never knew why the hand came at that particular time, or whose hand it was, and the hand never came back again, but still remained in my mind.

One night as my sister and I slept in our shared bedroom I woke up and felt as if something or someone had woken me up. I could hear my sister breathing in her sleep, my parent’s door was closed and I knew they were asleep, but I could hear something or someone walking down the long hallway. I heard whoever or whatever it was come down the short hall way to our bedroom and walk between the dresser and my bed to the head of my bed and just stand there. It was pitch black in our bedroom so I could not see anything. I wanted to scream, but nothing would come out, my mind told me to jump for the light switch, but my body would not respond. Whatever or whoever it was walked out of our bedroom, down both halls and I did hear anymore. It did not go down the stairs or out the kitchen door, it just vanished. The next day I moved out of our bedroom. I did not feel safe in there and moved to another area of the house. For quite some time if I had to go into our bedroom I made sure that it was during the day time and would get what I needed right away. The memory of that night is still with me and I try not to think about it very much.
The one thing that happened that scared so much no matter whether it was day or night time was at the end of the stair banister just before I would arrive at the top of the stairs to go down. Time and time again I would try to slow my pace down in that area, but every time I did, I could feel the fear rising up inside of me. It was a fear that I have not known since then. I felt like there was a horrible presence there, an evil horrible presence that kept trying to get me. Although I did not feel anything or anyone try to grab me, I felt that whatever or whoever it was there was trying to enter into our world through me. I believe that the one thing that was protecting me from this entity was my faith and belief in God.
It was not until years later that with the help of my daughter and her friends that I began to understand what had been going on out on the farm. Apparently the old farmhouse had been built on a vortex, which allowed spirits from the other side to enter into our world. Some spirits were good while other spirits were not good. I know now that a vortex can be either closed or moved to a safer area. All of those colored balls were lost spirits entering into our world, looking for someone like myself to send them to the light, so they could be at peace. I now know what to do and my daughter and I now send lost spirits to the light on a regular basis, so they can have the peace they deserve. The hand and the footsteps and the entity at the banister were all lost souls, and some were trying to get help while others wanted to do harm.
The old farmhouse is no longer there, but the lost souls are still trying to find peace. The area is heavy with their sadness, and I with the help of my arch angels, spirit guides and God will help them all to find peace.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Jun 2013 (#)

Interesting and frightful experience indeed. Thanks Ellen for the share - siva

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Jun 2013 (#)

I would be inclined to rebuke the evil entities in Jesus' name . They would be dealt with swiftly then . .
God bless you Ellen .
Stella ><

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Jun 2013 (#)

strange happenings indeed lots of light around you and read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness...hugs...

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author avatar Ellen
10th Jun 2013 (#)

I am reading A discovery of Witches right now, it is really good. I know now to surround myself with white light and how to send lost souls to the light. It gives me a good feeling to know that I have helped them to go to the light.
Thanks everyone,

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