Consciousness. What happens when consciousness becomes conscious of itself?

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It is our consciousness itself that allows us to raise questions about consciousness.

What is consciousness? How does it serve, or benefit us?

What happens when we become conscious of our consciousness?

This article looks into some of the deep ideas of one of the great Indian mystics, Sri Nisargadatta Mararaj.

I have tried to explain his ideas in my own way though, and this is my own thinking on the subject. His books have influenced my thinking though.

The dual nature of God is created through consciousness's creation

I will begin this discussion with this question.

If I assume that love lives fully alive in God, how can it become more fully alive in me?

Love is a type of energy that exists within oneness, which we name God, because he is the directing force or agent behind this energy. This energy of love runs throughout God as his life blood, his mind, or his thoughts.

The thoughts of God are the thoughts of all and everyone else that exists within creation too. All thoughts are God's thoughts. We just think them for him.

God's thoughts exist in all other minds then, and yet his thoughts remain separately so, because each person thinking thinks the thoughts that God has placed there in his heart to think from the energy of love pooling into a thought or two for that soul to ponder upon.

The thought in your heart is an intuitional knowing, but what your mind thinks is often distorted from its seeing or hearing this realer level of knowing.

This is because the mind's thinking capability is dependent on its consciousness level of recognition, and so this depends upon whether its ego try's to realign the thought or alter it to fit another want other than the ones which your heart is leading you towards.

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Why does God not want to be alone, nor does he want us to be alone either?

Why does God want us to live with others, such as when he said that it is not good for man to live alone, let's make him a companion?

God, said, "It isn’t good that the person should be alone. I will make for him a companion suitable for helping him."

The above quote is from the Christian bible. It comes from the Old Testament book of, Genesis, chapter 2, verse 18.

God does not live alone either. There are many God's. There are many worlds.

All of oneness is one but it operates by connectiveness, existing as infiniteness of connection which allows for energy to move between parts of oneness so that each part being a part of the whole can help each other part.

Helping other parts in this way is love, and God being once alone and dead to himself came alive in this way when his thoughts were allowed to move into a denser atmosphere and so hold matter together in a Universe.

When consciousness became conscious of itself, did this consciousness then expand into infinite images, as each cascading new part also became conscious of every other new part?

Consciousness becoming conscious of itself gave birth to duality, as then when an observer was created, the one that had observed that consciousness, as existing, had become conscious of itself.

Could we call this observer God then, and so consciousness created God, or is it really somehow the other way around?

Consciousness is merely a field around love. It is a mirror in which love can see itself within. Consciousness is a tool not the tool maker, and God is greater than consciousness, far greater. God is the energy of love. Consciousness is an added on field around this energy. Consciousness is not God.

Can consciousness's mirror see itself in another mirror, and so move past duality creating then a triality, and then can this then progress out into the creation of infinite other mirrors then, or not?

This does not happen because this is a special type of mirror, a field which reflects the viewer back to God, because the viewer does not really exist either. All is God viewing himself. All is God.

Consciousness merely allows God to see himself particularised into elements or particle points of his energy of love called souls which uniquely allow different perspective viewpoints to exist for him.

In this way, God can know, of obtain an infinite knowing of himself in a way that allows both states to coexist, the known and the unknown, whereas before this creation, all that existed was the unknown. It is consciousness that makes the unknown known to all created souls, and this allows God to know himself consciously then too.

God is the only one without consciousness.

God relies on our window into it to be able to see into himself. God sees himself through our mirror of him. Consciousness only exists for us, for a particle of love's energy or soul, and not for the whole of love, or God.

God did this because unconsciousness or unknowing is unexperienceable.

"Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, without change. Consciousness is on contact, a reflection against a surface, a state of duality. There can be no consciousness without awareness, but there can be awareness without consciousness, as in deep sleep. Awareness is absolute, consciousness is relative to its content; consciousness is always of something. Consciousness is partial and changeful, awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent. And it is the common matrix of every experience."

This is a long extract from Nisargadatta Mararaj's book, "I Am That."

I think that it conforms most of my thoughts on this interesting subject of consciousness too.

This great spiritual figure's books are well worth reading. They are not only eye-openers. They are mind and heart openers too.

Nisargadatta (1897 to 1981) was an Indian spiritual guru who tried to help others to realise their own true self, as he had already done.

Consciousness doesn't increase in the future for us, or does it? Is there a future?

Poetry: The Future Doesn’t Exist Down The Road

If we look down the road we are traveling on,
what do you think we will find thereon upon?
There is nothing to see you will soon realise,
because what's down the road, only ever blinds.

When your thoughts are thrown into the future far,
you never think about what's happening right now.
Consciousness is not something to be imitated aha,
nor is it something to be anticipated within but thou.

The immediacy of living in the present moment of now,
must take precedence over planning our journey, somehow!
The road we travel on is unmade until we ourselves make it,
there is no possibility of looking down the road, dead ahead!

The way that follows truth is sometimes narrowed by you,
but this is true only when you don't love enough being true.
Fears cause you to try to look ahead, not above, but below,
but these fears are always just up in your head, to outgrow.

Troubles never exist where you are right now,
they always come down the road to meet you.
We're not meant to see down the road you see,
to remain free, and to be all who we're meant to be.

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!"

The above quote is from the Jamaican singer and song-writer, Bob Marley, (1945 to 1981).

He is right I think. There is but one wide road, that we are all travelling on. What we make of the signs along the way is largely up to each one of us, I feel.

Our consciousness lets us see the signs, otherwise we would just march right on past them oblivious and unconscious to the truths, that love is trying to show to us on our journeys.

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author avatar brendamarie
4th May 2015 (#)

Very interesting, I myself have always been interested in conscious theories. Not the easiest subject to write about.

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author avatar spirited
4th May 2015 (#)

yes,thanks brendamarie.

It is hard to write about, as it's hard to explain something like this on paper, and to know if your writing is clear enough for others to get your point too.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th May 2015 (#)

When we raise our level of consciousness, we rise to another level of existence away from the mundane. For most, they don't want to or even think of reaching another level. I feel only few are planted with that urge by our Creator. Thought provoking Spirited - siva

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author avatar spirited
4th May 2015 (#)

thanks siva.

Of course the mundane is also important, but I think everyone has this urge to improve themselves, some just supplant it or cover it over with something else, I feel.

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author avatar Retired
4th May 2015 (#)

'And God said, "Let there be Light!" and there was Light' (consciousness).

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author avatar spirited
4th May 2015 (#)

thanks for that great insight Christopher.

I have never made that connection reflectively before.

Although I should have as I do recall many talking about the light of consciousness.

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author avatar spirited
4th May 2015 (#)

Here is what I think about how consciousness is linked to this light after a little reflection on the matter.

Truth exists at the top and the bottom of all things. This means that all things have their roots within this truth.

Light is an aspect of love and consciousness comes forth from love as it the mirror. This mirror is depicted in the fairy tale stories of narcissus and it is also looked into by the evil queen in snow white. This mirror is meant for lovers to see the truth about themselves within, whereas these people did not see truth, but the image of their own ego’s thoughts.

The mirror of consciousness shows things as they are in you. In itself, consciousness then is nothing of itself. It is a field, and added-on effect, but it is not a parasite, it is merely a tool of awareness, or love, which is greater than this consciousness, because it is love that has created this mirror of consciousness around itself.

Everything comes from you, and from your growth from the waters of love, and so consciousness is the reflected light that helps you to see into the mirror in a way, but it is not the real light either really. This light is God and God's energy of light shines forth from him into every corner of the world. When it is in you, you can see the truth in this mirror. When you block the truth, you see darkly through this mirror of consciousness.

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author avatar Retired
4th May 2015 (#)

Great pick up of my hint, spirited. When the light is reflected, we sometimes see things with a distorted vision. When we see the Light directly, we know God.

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author avatar Spirited
5th May 2015 (#)

yes thanks Christopher. That's a clear explanation.

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author avatar Retired
5th May 2015 (#)

Thought provoking article, I must say. Thanks for the share.

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
5th May 2015 (#)

thanks Joyesh

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author avatar Carol Roach
10th May 2015 (#)

I can't accept that God has no was conciousness because he/her was conscious when he created us. God did not create us in a dream state.

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
10th May 2015 (#)

Thanks Carol

If God had consciousness would it be greater than him?

No, I feel consciousness is just a lower world phenomenon created by us as a mirror to see into God from.

God needs no mirror of consciousness being pure awareness on its own.

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