Consequences after the savage attack in Paris

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What European politicians have decided to implement after the savage attack on the French satirical magazine.

Consequences after the savage attack in Paris

When I first read on the savage attack on the French satirical magazine, I exclaimed with horror as I guess everyone else did. Then, I went on reading articles and short news on the tragic issue to take me to think that this isn't what they've told us on national newspapers and TV channels.
All of the European politicians and prime ministers have flocked in together in Paris. All of them dressed in black, holding hands and mourning for the dead.
Next to this huge photograph of European leaders, I read another news article on which they claim that European frontiers are going to be reinforced and that they're going to set controls on the Internet.
What frontiers? I wondered as I read, because and for all what I know frontiers were dismantled on EU territory long ago. They'll most probably have to set them up again to control comings and goings in every country.
As for stricter control of the Internet use has also given me a matter of thought. Since the Internet exists, this has been a colossal means of communication worldwide and since it exists, it's given a big headache to ruling classes. They don't like it a bit that anyone of us posts a critical article, photographs or drawings on things that everyone of us should know. Many of us found out, for instance, that what national newspapers and TV channels worldwide told us that the issue of September 11th was a big lie. Important information and research is online for everybody to watch.
They don't like that such means of communication is at everyone's reach. But who will be subjected to restriction of Internet use? It isn't clear. In the name of fighting international terrorism, they may even stop naive posts on social networks or any sort of personal email on which they may spot words or names that they don't like. I don't know, but when I hear them talking about establishing more restrictions on the Internet without knowing their clear guidelines, it's enough to give us, honest individuals, goose flesh. It's an attack on freedom of speech for all of us.
The 12 people's relatives and friends that were killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo have my sympathy, but also the thousands of Syrians that have been killed in their land because of massive bomb raids. Get what I mean?

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author avatar Jenny Heart
14th Jan 2015 (#)

Yes I understand you perfectly! You are a great writer I can tell has a big heart and soul that wants the world to know what is going on.

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author avatar vickylass
15th Jan 2015 (#)

True, but I don't believe what the media tell us as regards such attacks. a lot to know and to research!

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