Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs and How I had them all mixed up!

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When younger I thought I knew that Liberals, knew some things, I was wrong, as many of us are when we are young, the smoke screens and halfhearted lies of Satan are at work within this group of the politically misguided and have been for so long now. At first Glance it seems to be all well and good. Then after fully committed, you then seen the truths or the facts behind these means.

Wow all these years (i) had it backwards I thought the Liberals were the good guys. Go and figure.

Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs

I truly use to think, Liberal meant being free, I can't say I think as it is used today, in political prowess that is the case any longer. I more see these Liberal Beings as confused at the very least, if not out right wolves in sheep's clothing.

I always thought the Conservatives were the ones trying to limit my freedoms, but where in fact there, like a good Mother, Father, or respected Grandparent would be. Slowly educating me and the children of the world. Yes I said, the world, not only we here in the U S of A. It is sad, but true this is the realization I have come to know. Through out my life and growing up here as a Free Spirited young man, free in a free country and society, and with much freedom on my hands to do as I wished to do from an early age.

When younger I had the privilege to know some real Hippies and some hardcore Religious types.

My immediate family didn't go to church and didn't make us children go, just to get us out of their hair for a couple of hours, on their Sunday's off. As many of the other so call Church families did. Going to church was a choice, our choice, but they also didn't stop us from going to any certain church either, I went to many, different churches before and then after I decided on one at age twelve.

So I would say that was a true freedom there, a freedom of choice, for each Sunday either I went or I didn't. As kids growing up in the late sixties and even still today. This maybe a fluke or an odd situation, for I know many didn't get to and still don't have such a choice to make.

As I did and do give to my children the same choices I had. But, being divorced now there Mother has made that choice for them, until they come of age. My eldest has made that new choice now, he believes in his heart it will be his last, I told him it very well could be, so choose well and to be sure in his beliefs. He thought I was still what he has now chosen to become. I was, but am no longer a Baptist. My ex, is a Catholic and the children have been raise to date as such. I am a Non denominational Christ man and have been for 35 yrs it is hard for some to except. But, all it means is I choose to be the one in charge of the destination the Good Book leads me.

As I grew up there and then, and even now today I am still alive and kicking as is our Country, this is good news to me. For I like many of us ruffians of those early days thought we'd never make it pass our thirties, because of the A-Bomb and all. I can look back now and I see the dangers and the miss guided situations I and Our Country always found or put ourselves in.

As when brother's killed their brother's for a Salves right to be free. Still a rather young Country then we are even still young after the Civil War and WW I and WW II we are still a young Nation. One that chose to be under God along the way from there to here. A very Good choice I believe, a sound and reasonable choice.

So I'll choose to relate our Country to my childhood as a free child. With untold liberties and freedoms and the trust of my Parents or the Country the trust of her peoples. We both have gotten in and out of many scraps and troubled situations over these last 62 years directly. The Generation of the Fig Tree to some of us believers this being the last generation before the anti-Christ returns. We just aren't sure which type of generation just yet though.

Liberals back then were considered more radical then free thinking.

With all that was going on all around us an in the world and at home, the Vietnam war, the racial flare ups, and all the movements of the day. Kennedy being assassinated, these times were endangered to say the least. The Devils biggest weapons diversion, and slight of hand were at work along with all his other devices. The Cuban Missile Crises, Water Gate, etc.etc. Divorce, abortions, snuck in there along with equal rights, an Affirmative Action "I have a dream" I don't think this was it., Communism, KKK Marches, Union Busting, The British invasion the Beatles, Drugs, Heroin, PCP, Crack Cocaine, LSD, The King, Elvis and the shaking of his pelvis, Free love, Baby Killers! Shouted at and the spiting on of our Veterans, Flag burnings, etc. etc. and then these Liberals and the ACLU working covertly, to bring America down from he inside.

Yes covertly, and with an outline plan, not a new one, but an old one. Break the strong holds of the Americans from the inside, by breaking down and apart it's biggest institution the American Family. How? The freedom Divorce the no fault Divorce. That was Satan's biggest victory, to date and one that still is working ever so strongly today. Then eliminating the fear of Death for wrongful doer's such as Murder's and Rapists, Forget a law or two a statute here and there of God O' Mighty Himself, ignored and discounted them as meaningless and out of date and disregard a well known common practice, among the world and her peoples and their societies, then the down sizing and down grading of Our Military Men, both by their Country's Peoples and their very Government.

A sore that still last to this day. You have to carefully look at who and what Good Meaning Peoples, got behind these movements and drove them into the forces they became. Young, impressionable, well minded, overly educated, well to do white women or young ladies, and then the extreme poor, which also drew in the middle classes as well. All American's, but mostly it was the middle class white women, and their desiring mates that fuel these flames which became roaring fires.

They are still the biggest, baddest, and meanest drivers in the our Country's seats today. This is a well know fact, and it is known of, by all the governmental branches of ours and many other countries. Why? They have more freedom then most men in other countries do, let alone their women. They drive the country from the back seat, steadily, and silently, they raise up the young and feed them daily, both physically and spiritually. For a subtle and constant change took place during this last 62 years, within them, in many, many ways, they are what the majority of American males were, in the thirties, forties, fifties, and early sixties the heads of house holds and the providers to them and now these males along with a growing number of American females, want only to be completely free, uninhibited to do whatever they please, whenever they please.

Also there are more females then there are males. There always has been. They are easily sway emotionally, these females another well known fact, etc. etc. A well known fact by almost any man, is that women rule the hearts of men, and another fact, men rule the people, by a show of might and force, if not social prowess alone.

Really! Think long and hard at what has and is transpiring in this last genaration, ever since 1948 May 14th

We conservatives are a grounded bunch, most of us are believers and a rather large chunk of us are Capitalist, hey money makes the world go round and around, but it is the systems and the morals behind that money. That make it so easy to get into and believe in, for almost everyone, from the crafty go getter types, especially those that come here from all over the world, here to America, instead of sticking it out in their countries where the mighty are always being favored, as they are else where within the world.

Here and now they are allowed, these crafty go getter's to keep their money and grow it. When other wise with out these our laws, the laws of nature would ensue here as well as it does else where and then they would lose their new found freedoms and abilities they gained by coming here, to the stronger more diabolical sorts of humans that are out there in the rest of the world, true they are here as well.

They are, but in smaller and more controlled numbers. It would be total chaos in todays world, with out us conservatives. This chaos is fast approaching, it must do so, so the Devil himself can soothe the turmoil of this world, which is about to come. His great reveal to this earth, that he is a god, the God which he is not!

It is all laid out in the Good Book and it shall come to pass as it is written. Watch and see! But, you will want to know who it is you should be looking to and I would warn you all, to look to the Conservative people, now an in the times that lay ahead. Also look to the God fearing peoples of this Our Nation and our world. For we are fast approaching the Final Days! As a separated world order, that which we now are, separated and not equaled.

But, not for long, for we are stepping into a new world order, one which is a sign of the end of Satan's rein on this earth. A Great and Glorious day approaches for the Believers and a sad and terrible day for the unbelievers.

Search your hearts is it right to let Murders, Rapists, and Child Molesters live!
The Conservative would say no, they bring no value to the society whatsoever. The Liberal would say yes they are people too, they deserve an opportunity to become humane, for their UN-humane actions.

Search your hearts is it right to let One Female Choose to end her seeded Child's life because she is ashamed, unable to care for, or chooses that the timing is not right! etc.etc.

The conservative Me, say no it is not right! Even in the case of rape! For that seeded child will for all intensive purposes will be come a free citizen of this Free Country and deserves every right afford to the mother, right up to the life of that mother herself. Then and only then the serving life must continue to serve, if it so chooses. She may choose to serve her country and her people by living and/ or dying to sacrifice her life, by serving that life to come.

This is her choice as it is also her choice to abstain and prevent said seeding, by all legal means, eg. birth control before! Not after said seeding. After a rape there are ways to ensure no fertilization will take place eg. DNC or some other less intrusive means, which will also allow the gathering of evidence to catch the rapist and provide assurance that crime shall not continue or will not promoted said crimes to take place and there by lessen further rapes.

The Liberal says yes Abortion is okay. For a fetus is not a human life, it is just a none human seed and its the mothers choice to inflict it terminations up to and some times further then twenty-five weeks of gestations for she had no other choices available made to her and her body. Especially in the cases of rape or incense she was a victim, and there fore she has the right to also choose for the other seeded victim, life or death. Two wrongs never make a right!

Not only is she allow to make this choice, but she must now live with that choice. She then must choose again, as to how it is and when it is to be done this, the murdering of a human seed, the pulling apart or the dissection of. Or a cut to the back of the fetus's neck and the sucking out of his or hers brain, doesn't sound like a seed any longer. Plants don't have brains and they don't feel or react as do these fetus's do.

There are many conflicting issues which I can not side with any longer any of the Liberals choices, in these End Times and I am quite frankly shock that I ever sided with them on any of their views. I believe they are deeply mislead they are not seeing the complete picture or the forest for the trees sort of speak or the Flames of Hell fires for the twinkling lights.


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author avatar siboiss
10th Sep 2010 (#)

What a shame that we can't live by our principles rather than a symbol such as a donkey or an elephant.

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
10th Sep 2010 (#)

Yes, why can't we be in the center of the target instead of left or right of it, why ask why? Let us do what is right and not allow the wrong to be done. Ah, but who decides right from wrong in todays world? You or I, we the people, some small group hidden in some small private office, who? I like elephants I am not to found of donkeys. Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar Denise O
11th Sep 2010 (#)

I too walk my own path and I am not beholden to any political party or denomination.
We never went to church as I was growing up, I found God because of one thing,
I am so glad I am a curious person.

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
12th Sep 2010 (#)

I think more people would find God through the love and lives shared by a believer, then in any Church or denomination. God is Love, Honest, and true unconditional Love, yet, He has made a way. One single way to Find Him and after all my life's experiences to date I still find it hard to communicate with Him daily, even through His Son. But I find it Hard to get close to many, it is a defect I have created by my own failings and railings living in the flesh and the lies of this world. I work on this whenever the devil doesn't have me distracted, he has a good track record with me and I hear him without any trouble at all, but he is losing his influencing power on me daily even when I fall and stray from the narrow path I quickly return as before it would take years before I would return and stay. Thank God for letting me creep up upon Him like a lost puppy following the old man that feeds it. I keep a safe distance still, longing to be siting in My Gods lap some day. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar j.m. raymond
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Sinbad, "out right wolves in sheep's clothing" ... this one phrase from your article, I think, captures the essence of what most of our politicians have become. Our Constitution does not provide for a "political class". Politics was not an available career choice in the beginning of this "Great Experiment".

Lawmakers were elected from the general populace, and to serve, they generally set aside their existing careers temporarily and then returned to them after their term.

Members of the political class today, in most cases, serve nothing but their own interests and appear to believe that they are better informed, and thus able to make better choices for us than we would know to make for ourselves. To borrow a religious word, this should be Anathema! to those of us who believe in true, individual freedom as guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
16th Sep 2010 (#)

The Great Experiment as it is referenced to today, I often wonder what the experiment truly was and who truly was conducting it?
The Curse truly lies with our own indifferences as individuals. This is what allows our politicians to put one over on us as a nation of peoples. The common is not so common anymore, unless it is race day or opening season for whatever tickles our pleasure bones. We have become lax and over pleasured and we enjoy this lax as long as our pleasures are meet. As the alcoholic is with his drink we have become, with our freedoms we are addicted to them often to a point that we become unable to stand still and defend them with a precise thought or sameness. We as individuals must have them and we can't do with out them. But, the way we abuse these freedoms offers us no defense when we are not United as a people. Divide and Conquer was in the distant past by force today it is done by slight of hand and subtleties such as this thing call Political Correctness do away with it and replace it with the Common Morals that built this Country and blessed her with all she has possessed to date. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man. Many thanks for the read and your comments.

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author avatar c4collins
10th Mar 2011 (#)

You are a wise man, Sinbad ...the commentary you provide dispenses humble wisdom worthy of any scholar!!

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Any wisdom I have gained is all hear say in this world c4collins, Satan could squash it with a blink of his eyes, and those here would think me mad, but it is not hear I live for, but for where I am headed and I am inclined to steal back as many mad children as will come home to were we all belong and fit. A child of GOD's is not very welcome in the world of Satan's lies I have felt UN-welcome here for so long because I was fearful and lost, but now I have been found and I am secure in the matter that I am found, for I now know who has Founded me, And He has lifted me up into a different realm of conciseness. I do Thank you for the high praise given I rather like the idea that some one thinks I have obtained some wisdom though it maybe the Lord's way of securing my weakened faith, your praise is cherished Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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