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It has never occurred to me how a life of an old priest would have been spent after their supposedly retirable years. It was never in my mind until one time when I was flipping through channels on tv and saw this.

The Messengers Of God

was watching a documentary on old priests who are under the care of an institution called Domus Dei. I was appalled knowing that some of these priests are bed-ridden and have not been visited by their families and friends.

I never have thought that they would be in such state. Priests are kept at Domus Dei with care givers given to each of them. Some priests are lucky enough to have a relative that has dedicated their life in taking care of them, but others are not.

The Lonely Days Of Their Lives

It broke my heart to see them , once active messengers of God, could be in such condition such as stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Fr. Renato Bebit acted as a Canon Lawyer before he had a stroke 5 years ago. He is now 49 years old. He is now being taken -cared of by his cousin. Fr. Bebit has difficulty in speaking. The reporter asked if he has even asked God why he was made to suffer this way. And all he said was he has accepted his faith and has never really thought on questioning God.

Fr. Bebit has told the reporter , despite his difficulty in speaking that he feel incomplete for not being able to celebrate mass. But he is able to co-celebrate at least once a week. Despite of it all, he said that everybody should never lose faith in God no matter how heavy the crosses we carry.

Bishop Vicente Navarra , administrator id Domus Dei has been a big help in forming this institution and has helped a lot of the retired priests.

Father Saguisin, 77 years old, is one of the sick priests being taken cared at Domus Dei. He has been given his own care taker as there has never been a family member or relative who even visited him from the time he was admitted in the institution. Although the priest could not talk because if his condition, he would give some hand gestures to answer what is being asked from him.

Fr. Leon Orbista, 88 years old, one of the elder priests, he is not suffering from any sickness or disease. He said that there is no other way to prepare himself in meeting the Lord but to be always in communion with Him. Hearing those words, he seems to be ready to meet his Maker for he has lived a full life.
After watching the documentary, I wondered if our government have even given a small amount each year for the rehabilitation of sick priests and improvement of facilities at Domus Dei or have they just left it under the responsibility of the Church?

Give Love and Joy Until Their Last Breath

I know that there are donations that they receive and Domus Dei seems a great place for the sick and old priests. But I hope that somehow there would be more than just financial help that these people could give to this institution. What could bring more life and hope to the sick priests than the presence of long lost families and friends and let them feel that they are still loved.

These priests have served all their lives in loving and serving God and in helping people to know more about God .They have been away from their family and friends not because they really wanted to but because of their devotion to the Church and to God. Isn’t it just time for their families to take care of them?


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author avatar redvakaurvaki
30th Jul 2013 (#)

unfortunately I don't know a lot about them, never watch them before

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author avatar Dr. Ni
30th Jul 2013 (#)

You make many valid points. There is an older priest here in Long Beach with whom I have been trying to maintain contact. I will try again!

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author avatar jenny1015
30th Jul 2013 (#)

You also have a good heart, Dr. Ni.

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author avatar Roselyn
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Therefore those priests who have families and relatives to take care of them were very lucky.

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author avatar jenny1015
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Definitely, Roselyn777. Priests who were taken in by their families or relatives are really lucky.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
30th Jul 2013 (#)

The priesthood is a very solitary life, providing service to many sheep while living alone. While far be it from me to say I know the will of God, I don't think humans were created to be alone this way, and I'm disappointed in the Church that abandons her leaders. A better support system is needed from the day vows are taken until the day the celebrant is buried.

Thanks for the article and also for the follow!

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