Consumerism isn't good for health

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Does one think the gadget one's just bought is the newest one in the market? It isn't. It was most probably created long, long ago.

Consumerism isn't good for health

So does one think one's bought a brand new computer, car, mobile telephone or whatever?
Let me tell you that you're wrong. You haven't bought anything new. You've bought something that was created long ago with few more applications added, a different colour or shape. but the computer that one buys today advertised as the newest one in the market is the same old one that you bought two o three years ago.
It's the same with mobile or cell phones, cars or whatever other gadget. As it's said there's nothing new under the Sun and a new thing launched today was most probably invented or created long ago. The thing is that companies keep changing the already invented objects to give us an illusion that it's the newest product in the market.
For companies, we aren't people, but mere consumers. They keep launching products, telling us that it's the newest one and that we have to replace it, but the sad fact is that they're selling us old objects and getting good money from us.
If someone laughs at my mobile telephone that I bought in 2011 and tells me that I ought to buy a new one, because there're some precious ones at the shops, I'm likely to answer that this one still works pretty well or that they haven't created one that can really satifies my needs.
Is the computer I bought in 2011 way too old to discard it? Nope. Having formatted it completely, I've installed a different program and it works wonders. Whether it is a modern one or not isn't a factor for me so long as I can work with it and surely I can work with it day in and day out.
It's the same with clothes. Fashion designers will make sure that one's clothes look very old fashioned a couple of years after one's bought them. I'm not one to buy very cheap clothes that become rags few months after having bought them, but when I buy a dress or a pair of shoes, I want good stuff to last me long.
We're being cheated with the consumers society, but worse still we're turned into sheep to rush to the shops to buy whatever they want to throw at us and to pocket good money from us.
They're permanently telling us that it's the newest thing when in fact it was created long, long ago.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Interesting and one of a kind post mate, and nice to read your work again cheers!!

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