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L. R. Laverde-Hansen By L. R. Laverde-Hansen, 24th Jan 2017 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The following sets of rhyming couplets are a reaction to these times.

So multitudes came and rallied last week

So multitudes came and rallied last week,
Though they always had this chance to speak;
Indeed it’s great to feel the people rise;
Perhaps the Establishment will heed these cries.
Where was this disaffection ere the Election?
Could not these folks foresee a wayward direction?
But possibly they miss what others see;
And now we will discover the complexity
Of our own Donald T.

Show not a slow and injudicious mind

Show not a slow and injudicious mind;
He’s sin and innocence intertwined.
A man who claims to care for others’ good,
He acts in ways the critics misunderstood.
Incessant restlessness is his demeanor;
So what if it makes us all look meaner?
Immature he seems—he needs a babysitter;
Don’t worry—he gets his characters straight into Twitter.
A great promoter, whose name shines in lights;
Now he’s Chief of Washington’s hallowed heights.

His followers comply like seeming slaves;
They care not how awfully he behaves.
To “Make America Great” is their deep desire;
(Ne’er mind it be consumed by tyrannical fire).
Indeed “America First” could be the cure for our malaise;
All that International Jazz—save it for the Obama days.
Let’s “Beat the Hell out” of all who crave our loot,
And to any funny-looking aliens—just give ‘em the boot!
It’s time to grab it all: money, power and the kitty too;
Why anything else is now the un-American view.
Now life again begins—and ends—at conception;
No help, no federal aid will be doled out and given—
No exception!
You’re on your own—though he says you’ll come out tops;
Just do as your told—don’t agitate the cops.

What journeys will Americans soon commence
In lands far and near in wars that make no sense?
The flower of youth will again bear the price
If any foreign figure decides not to act nice.
Perhaps it’s all big talk, and we can all stay home;
Perhaps our vaunted valor only needs some more drones.
And what if thousands elsewhere should fall?—
We know we’ll be well secured by that huge bigly wall.
The world’s concerns won’t pass around this side,
For our glorious leader will push them back out
With the ebbing tide.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this unreal reality show

So sit back, relax and enjoy this unreal reality show.
Know that no one right now: neither expert nor fool, has any idea
Where this will go.

Composed in New York
January 23-26, 2017


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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
Poet, playwright, commentator. I write wherever I can. Currently I reside in the City of New York.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Jan 2017 (#)

I cannot find the superlatives! Yours is an awesome, awesome post. You said it all, L.R. Kudos to you!

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
28th Jan 2017 (#)

Wow, Steve! That is a truly moving compliment--from one who knows about writing.

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author avatar Friend-o
3rd Feb 2017 (#)

I saw you read this at the HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US wall, pizza will unite us

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
3rd Feb 2017 (#)

Glad you saw it. Is there any way, to see how many--or who--saw that broadcast? Thanks.

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