Contempt for Nelson Mandela

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All ANC big men loooooooooooove Nelson Mandela and worship him as a god above God, right? Right? Apparently not...

Ghost in the machine, dogs out of the estate

It's a Saturday morning and I'm planning on dashing off to town. I have a new shedule now and Saturday is my towngoing day and further vacation day.

But, the gate at the end of the driveway won't open. I keep pressing the remote button but it won't open. I honk for Mr. Specter to come give it a little push, for sometimes little stones or something on the track is stopping it from going open.

When Mr. Specter is pushing the gate to no avail, I suddenly remember that I had blocked the gate with a piece of wire last night, and that is what is stopping it.

There is a ghost in the machine here, for every night, and only at night, the gate suddenly opens and closes by itself several times.

The dogs know this by now and love to run out the gate and not come back until much later in the morning.

This gate opening and closing by itself isn't really providing any protection. Father has had someone come look at it and "fix" it twice already, but then I coincidentally see or hear the gate at night opening and closing like it has a life of its own.

I've wondered if it's the telephone tower that has an interfering signal, or perhaps the electric fence, but Waldorf has told me he doesn't think that's what is causing it.

Anyway, Mr. Specter removes the piece of wire and I press the remote button but the gate still won't open.

I get out and later on we give a knob on the motor of the gate a few turns so the gate can be manually pushed open, and that's how I get out. Mr. Specter says he'll go tell that "loafer", Waldorf, that this must be fixed when I get back from town.

Mr. Specter has never liked Waldorf, and now that Waldorf spends a little too much time tending to his own pigs on our land instead of doing the work we give him, Mr. Specter is even more outspoken about it.

The Backstreetboys rule!

While I'm speeding off on the road to town, I listen to the Backstreetboys' first international album, the one they released before they released an album in the U.S..

It's been years since I Had listened to this music, and, now that I decided to make Saturdays a vacation day, I see this CD as good lively vacation music.

It has a good mood.

"Get down, get down, and move it all around" it goes. I like this CD again.

There was a time some years before when I tried to listen to this CD again, but found that the music then sounded old fashioned and I couldn't get in the mood for it.

Today however, it's got its charm back.

Andre, the ANC fanatic

Next to the road, there walks someone. Once I've passed him and I'm some distance away, I recognize him. It's Andre, a guy who works at a supermarket in town. I've given him a lift many times before, and Father too. So I stop and pick him up.

Andre loves talking about politics. He's one of those black people I don't know many of; one who reads a lot of books and has a lot of book learned knowledge outside of what he needs for his daily life.

And somehow, no matter how the conversation with him starts, it's not long before it turns to politics.

"Have you ever read that book, ......(I can't recall the name now, but it's about some political person)", he asks me.

"Can't say I have", I say.

And so, to the lively tunes of the Backstreetboys, we enjoy a good discussion on politics and political history of South Africa. I kind of enjoy it, although it's not all happy. Actually, when it comes to politics, there seldom is anything happy about it.

Thabo Mbeki

"What I also found very fascinating, is how they removed Thabo Mbeki (former president) from the president's chair. How they planned it all in advance, and how when all was ready, it was very quickly executed", tells Andre.

"So are you on his side? Are you sorry for Thabo Mbeki?", I ask.

"Yes. I respect Thabo Mbeki. He didn't fight, he just said okay then, you want it, I shall resign as president."

"So why did they want to kick him out?", I ask.

"Politics is a dirty game", Andre says. "Some people go into politics like this" - he shows with his hands what seem to be eyeflaps on the sides of his head. He continues with some general explanation. But I still don't see any specific reasons for Mbeki to have been kicked out.

America gets what it wants

At some point, the discussion turns to America, and Muammar Gadaffi. According to Andre, under Gadaffi's rule of Libya, education was free, among some other good things. And if I'm not mistaken, he says that some people wanted a single currency for all of Africa, but America didn't want that.

"When America does something, there is always something else they want."

"What did they want in the case of Gadaffi?", I ask.


Right, I nod, almost sheepishly. Nothing new there.

"I'm Communist and proud!!!"

"So what did they kick Mbeki out for?", I ask again, not recalling any specific reasons from Andre the previous time. I like to hear how people perceive their world.

"Was he a communist, or not communist enough...", I introduce the kind of specific reasons I want to know.

"I'm a Communist! I'm ANC!", says Andre. "But I can't stand Nelson Mandela!"

Nelson Mandela is a credit hog and thief

This is interesting. Usually the media wants us to believe that ALL black people, especially ANC members, think Mandela is the best thing since koeksusters, and love him more than life itself. Seems it's not quite so.

"Mandela got all the credit for bringing about democracy. Everywhere you look in every town, people rename a main street 'Nelson Mandela Drive'. What about all the other people?", Andre asks almost angrily.

He then proceeds to tell of how once when Mandela was held prison on Robben Island, some inmates were planning an escape and invited Mandela to come with them. However, Mandela instead notified the prison authorities of the planned escape attempt, and one of the inmates received 13 years on top of his sentence over the matter.

Andre also mentions something about an aeroplane that had a bomb on board, on which Mandela was to be put. I wish I can recall the story better, but I was concentrating on driving the car at the time and I'm not quite catching all of that.

But what really peeves Andre off, is that according to him Mandela receives insanely high amounts all the time into his bank accounts from America, ......... (some country), ........(some country), and so son. His entire family is stinking rich.

We arrive at the robot close to the supermarket where Andre has to get off for work. However, he's still telling me about his grievances with Mandela.

Is this the South Africa they planned for us?

"What are we seeing here today?", he asks rhetorically, pointing to our South African surroundings. "Is this the result of what they talked about at Codesa? Their discussions were held secret, so we'll never know."

One thing is certain: He is not an admirer of Mandela. He cannot understand why Mandela should have turned a great political struggle into money and fame for himself and his family.

"I guess it's because Mandela is a celebrity now. Popularity can bring great fortune", is all I can say about the matter, not that I'm the expert.

"A democracy is not a place where anyone should feel oppressed", Andre says.

Then we greet and we part ways.

South Africa's politics are quite an interesting story. Not a happy one though. Yet, today, I feel like I'm on a vacation, so I don't really feel very down about anything right now.

It's not the first time though that I hear ANC members complain about the ANC. Osborn always audibly downright hates the insane corruption that is a daily part of this ruling party's governance.

Well, I guess the only way to be happy in life is to see no evil, hear no evil. Yes, it's a plan that will fail, but if you know about all the evil in the world, what can you do about it anyway?

So I put it all out of my mind and enjoy my vacation day.


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