Contentment 2

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Here's Contentment part 2. A light spiritual warfare poem with more of a grateful overtone.

Contentment 2

I'm content
I'm content
I'm content with the present
And if this end up being as different as it  get
'twas consistent though
At least, so at peace...
Far too late
I lift His majesty, in canopies, awaiting
Putting an end to silly fantasies
Embracing, latter things, it's anarchy
To find a true description
Doing it through the pages, in the papers
Getting the answers keyed
Although it get abandoned and forsaken
That ain't bad for me
Predicted what is soon to come before it got to that degree...
But, nonetheless, in history, and in the Scripture's speech
Some hearts rejected God in spite of warning 'til the end of things
And little me...
I figure some had written off as something
But, what's true is different, finding fallacies in fighting justice
Bigger than the mammon was the span of things
I tried to up it so the lands can see
But branded me
In spite of brands that branded
Did, society, to bridle Thee...
And unbeknownst, that'd just enable satan's final scheme...
And wince I couldn't shine for God with all my glamour intact
Without it being assimilated like was candor but flak
The Lord feels like it's dissipated
There's no answer
For that
I've been destroyed by many faces, hidden places, and traps
Made to kill, steal, that, a lasting remnant
Snatching up the Light
Spraying it like weeds or something
Masking it like it's alright
But God...
Says the glory of a man is like grass
His physic life is but a shadow
For the plans are like glass, when absent from the Father's
It topples structure larger than a life
Cutting up the universe
Condensing it to pocket size, for carnal wants and pleasures
Doing more damage than good
Then follow lies instead of truth to hide our hands from the
So asking "why?" Is not a factor
I'm a messenger
Why throw at me? Broke in pieces, sketching stuff
No tracing, not an actor yet, the heavens
Full of mysteries that nobody's clocked
Or got, I watch, to spot the spirit things, and I can feel
The shift already
I can heal, in hills, of heaven, resting
That's my occupation
Earth has made it's choice so I no longer sweat that observation
Saints, the blessed
A little longer, some with God, in safety
I shall bear my cross
And, Lord, forgive me if I'm not behaving
Perfect, as I strive to be like You
And I ain't worthless to
Because my joy has been the strength I only have through You
You saw my heart's intention
Do for God
Is what my path include, restricted by conditions
'round about, it's what I had to do
Looking at the morning light arise and trying figure
Tiring eyes, Thine deliver, what'd it'd take so I be happy too?
I see the Scripture on repeat
And I agree with it
Visions, dreams, reality, that ties together
Seeming tracks, pieces
Seeing trash full of things that keep us back
From reaching that which God had promised
Like the ten that seen just bad and giants...
It's unfair, but God is
So I ain't that conflicted, even when the snares on my helms
I cherish God's provisions...
Stopped, thought
He tarry my fields, and prairies, buildings, every facet
Of His followers, I'll declare 'til He take me home
Seen so much existence, the Light is holy
I can't be wrong
And if I was I'm fine 'cause I know that this ain't what satan on
Embrace the Throne, not asking permission
Unless my Savior told me to, this just what I'm 'posed to do
And just the devil angry...
Backtrack, my odes of the spirit things
Not the devil made me
But opposed to the wickedness
Won't get many hands
Crazy, satan's throwing slang to hinder this
Trying to twist and slant
Real time, but evil won't un-till, I've a still mind...
Terrorism, something I dared mention
A real sign
But I look to YHWH to help me when I need heal time
Finally found something that accept me while I can live
Angels, some dimensions, and struggles
So they come near mine
Anything really goes
Been open season on me, longer than the pain
That has shown
I don't believe in folding
That I go back with souls He chose to be His wholeness
Mainly, what my focus is on
For days are dwindling out...
So much stuff I've been fighting for painting a different route
Don't go judging unrighteously or make sin a house
No assumptions, enlighten me or make wisdom count
Only constant, society's ways offending Yahw
Even now, my eyes on the Spirit and not the arrows only
Narrow, lonely, saddening at times, but Jesus is the way
I am not destroyers, appointed to love, not evil rage
I tell you that I'm for you and mean it until I gleam away
I don't see no speed bumps
I'm barely rolling
These wings are great
Those caution signs are wholesome
But I don't go where
They need to stay
Bidings from eternity...
Soulful roses and streets that's paved with gold
Ain't a joke, where I'm from, the atmosphere is living, supernatural, clear
Different colors the physic
World ain't seen
So close, that the fabrics of everything intertwine together...
Time's forever, describe, I try, but can't, my mind just ain't developed
For it
The glory of God is why I'm saying this...
Who I live for, and worship
And Why my line expanded, kind of, I mean, ending, beginning
Was simultaneous...
Then the first time, certain low, I felt
A brokenness
A hopelessness, for something, though knowing not
What the application
Wasn't nothing common but something God brings
Some lamentation
Now, I'll say a prayer, to combat the making of plans
Of satan
Stand, awakened, to it, I do
Although, I haven't spake it, Light is in discernment
To those that know
You don't have to say it...
But I am content
Backwards journey 'cause standard's hatred
Seek the crown of Life and like half the burdens seem slack and basic
That's what I'm engaged in, daffodils in gigantic placements
Tapir grazing atmospheres and the fragrance of that arrangement
I can see a challenge clear, dicing me
Like I'm fighting peace
For writing things like this, it displaces
And it unbridles me...
To kind of rival me, through the methods I said was titled T-error-ism
Even still, while enlightened, and still in spite of these...
Something larger in motion like it's some kind of scheme
I needed every kind of envotion towards survival
With my bible, I ain't safe, just Jehovah, to lead me by the water
Stillness, for His Name's sake
It loves it's own but it hates
I kind of want to sue 'cause the evil keep  misportraying things
Some could do the same thing but stuff just bias to Ray's page
Implemented violence without a cause in the haydays
Trying to keep me silent without a cause but my faith stays...

And, no matter what, I'm content



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