Cook blows nose and continues to work with food without washing hands

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There's a rather newish place called Istanbul Kebap, a small shop that serves food. Saturday when we drove back from the Land Of The West and we ate in the city, Father got himself something small from there, just to try them out.

Ordering Middle Eastern food

So tonight, Father and Mother and I go there for our Sunday evening dinner.

It takes some time to order, because we don't know their food and have to ask what everything is and what it entails. I especially don't want something that burns.

So, the order been placed with a young chick at the till, another buy behind her starts frying up our meat on the grill.

Some snot to garnish your food, guvna?

Then, the guy blows his nose and then continues to work with our food.

Father's blood explodes into boiling status.

"Excuse me, you can't do that!", Father exlaims. "You just blew your nose, and now you continue working with our food? You can't do that, or you will not be seeing me again, I tell you straight! That's not hygienic; you MUST wash your hands first!"

The poor guy, not sure what nationality, but maybe Portuguese or Middle Eastern or Greek, is standing frozen, with the wind out of his sails. He doesn't know what to do. In my mind I'm telling him "Just apologize and offer to start afresh with clean food", but not saying it aloud. Let the thing play out.

The guy doesn't know what to do. The chick at the till is looking at the situation, not knowing how to handle it. They're all frozen in their tracks, while Father is giving them a well deserved lecture on hygiene.

Anyway, after Father told them exactly how much he disapproves of the noseblowing and the cooking at the same time, Father and I go wait in the car while they finish frying up the meats.

Service slightly poofies, food is good

Then, we go back to the counter and the chick comes to stand at the filling bowls.

"Okay?", she says, waiting for us to tell her what to put on. I must say, I found her uncertain "okay?" unapprovable. She should be saying "And what filling would you like me to put in your wraps?" But maybe the wind is still out of her sails.

So she puts on the stuff on our wraps, and once they see the interaction with us isn't resulting in more scalding, things get better. I even see once that Father and the guy he was so mad at, are exchanging a quick smile.

When we leave with our food, finally the guy has gathered himself enough to say humbly "Sorry about that".

The food is delicious. Mine slightly burns, but not too much. Good food overall.

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