Cook dishes Abroad, Understand past 15 Technique! (2-Out)

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Produce a variety of dishes that tempt taste and aroma, with one of the keys to success is the proper cooking techniques

Here are some basic cooking techniques commonly displayed in a foreign dish recipes

Melayur ( seared )
The cooking process is done by relying on high heat . Food burned to issue a brown color , there are caramel on the outside , while the inside of the grocery termasak not entirely . How to cook will produce a crispy skin , but soft on the inside

Semi - boiled ( poached )
This method is similar to boiling , but the cooking technique is only using the temperature 71.1 degrees Celsius and 82.2 degrees Celsius . The food will remain in the liquid is fully mature and produce a smooth texture .

This cooking technique is usually cooked by using water in the pan is placed on the stove . Done with a small fire and small bubbles appear on the surface .

The process is similar to grilling . Usually done in the oven but adapted to the setting in baking . Heat will happen quickly , but the process must be done carefully so as not to burn completely .

Cooking in this way rely on steam , food is usually placed in a separate container with the liquid form of water . Food is cooked with steam coming from the liquid underneath.

This technique is similar to boiling , cooked food runs out and then sunk in the ice cubes to stop the cooking process .

This cooking method is done with a combination that involves sauteing or burn . Then , simmered in liquid for long term until cooked until tender . Boiled foods often have greater protein material .

This method is similar to braising because the first ingredient is warm enough then cooked in the liquid form of water , but food smaller used .


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
24th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice glossary of cooking terms. I'm not much of a cook -- maybe because I didn't have the knowledge in this list!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
24th Oct 2013 (#)

Very helpful..thank you...:O)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
24th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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