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I was actually wondering what to have for Tea (dinner) when this recipe came to mind. I have not cooked this for a while so it made a nice change. It was as nice as I remembered :)

As life gets busier

As daily life gets busier and cooking time becomes less for every household, not to mention purses are not as far as they once were, I have come to love three things in the food group. Pasta, Long grain rice & Risotto rice.

Each one is cheap, easy to cook with, extremely versatile and usually quick to cook with. Today I hope to give you some inspiration for the kitchen with one of my favourite Risotto recipe's. This recipe feeds two.

To start with you will need

1 hour of your time (with a break for tea or coffee :)
1 tasting spoon (used for rice later, once only)
2 pots
Two wooden spoons
1 meat knife
1 chopping board (for meat)

Water – 1 ¾ pints (roughly around 3 full mugs)
Olive oil – 1 tablespoon (dessert spoon)
Basil (dry is fine) – 1 teaspoon
White wine vinegar – 25mg
Risotto rice - 250g
Two chicken breasts – medium size each
Two Knorr vegetable stock cubes
Quarter jar of cooking sauce of your preference

I use the Knorr Country French sauce but there are many white sauce varieties to choose from including Homepride brands as well and they are all reasonably priced and if you are only cooking for two the cover more than one meal.

Preparation & Cooking

Fill a medium size pot ¾ full with water, add the two stock cubes and bring to the boil stirring occasionally.

Take the two chicken breasts and cube them. When the water in the pot is boiling at the chicken cubes and leave to boil for around 40 minutes

While this is now simmering in the background you can use the time to clean up your counter tops and wash the meat knife and chopping board and then prepare the rice.

Take a larger pot and pour in olive oil, the white wine vinegar and basil into the pot and add the rice stirring it all in.

Now pop off for a nice cup of tea while you wait on the chicken.

One the chicken has cooked (Do not pour out the water, this is now the stock for the rice)

Take the chicken out of the pot and lay it on a plate and using two forks (one to hold the poultry the other to shred) shred the meat following the grain on the poultry.

Turn the heat on gently under the rice and add half of the water from the chicken and stir the rice in thoroughly let this simmer gently for around 25 minutes stirring often (the rice will stick to the pot if not stirred often) and adding the rest of the stock little by little under the rice has a sticky consistency.
Once the rice has swollen (I suggest to taste to check using a clean spoon)
Now take the shredded chicken and the quarter jar of cooking sauce and add to the rice stirring it in and heating until it bubbles consistently.

Serve in a deep sided bowl and enjoy.


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author avatar Buzz
9th Jan 2012 (#)

Ooooohhhhhhh, I got suddenly famished with your chicken risotto!

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author avatar Jerry Walch
9th Jan 2012 (#)

Now you're cooking with gas, or maybe it was electricity, whichever it was you have me salivating. I'm going to have to cook this up for dinner tonight.

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author avatar 1Faithmorgan
9th Jan 2012 (#)

:) I had it for tea last night :)

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author avatar Sheila Newton
10th Jan 2012 (#)

Just got to try this - you make my mouth water, Faith.

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author avatar 1Faithmorgan
10th Jan 2012 (#)

Im glad. that was the plan :)

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
12th Jan 2012 (#)

Faith: Thanks so much. I am looking forward to trying this.

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author avatar 1Faithmorgan
12th Jan 2012 (#)

Your welcome Ivy :)

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