Cool Breeds of Dogs

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Dogs are amazing creatures. Pets, in general, are good to have by your side, as man’s best friend. I will talk about Cool looking dog breeds you should check out. These dogs are cute and very playful.

Chow Chow

A Chow Chow is a Small dog with thick, puffy fur and a curly tail. They are fairly small dogs. Their face reminds me of some sort of bear almost. Very cute dogs, but they are very well known for their meanness.


A Short dog with short legs, a big head and a long body. These Dachshunds are small little dogs. They are extremely similar to a wiener dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

A fox-like dog used to move cattle in Australia. They are furry little dogs. They are mostly found in Australia, as they are not seen anywhere else.

Rough Collie

A type of Collie originally from Scotland, used for herding. This breed of dog has a lot of hair. Their hair is very long and straight. These are definitely really cute dogs! (Mostly used in dog shows/competitions)


A small dog with a short and stubby tail. This is the kind of dog off of Men in Black. They are “Different” Looking dogs, but still, very cute. They are usually pretty small dogs, around the size of a Yorkie.


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