Coordination Schema: An Useful Tool for Undertaking Research for Academic Essays

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The present page is a substantially abridged version of an article on research methodology written by me earlier at . The page highlights a tool called coordination schema that may be useful for undertaking academic research activities.

Introduction: What is Coordination Schema?

Coordination Schema is a schematic approach to use a plan device to facilitate the establishing of linkage between each topic under research and its lowest order measurement, the value, in a step wise specification and definition process. The term “SCHEMA” is used to describe a system of arrangement of variables in a database.
Coordination Schema is nothing but an arrangement of topic variables or factors and the relationship between the in a matrix or tabular form so that one can easily understand and navigate from one subject/topic head to the lowest level value of the same in a clear and easy manner. In terms of appearance, it looks like a data table in which the whole research data is designed in a master sheet. Whatever be the case, a coordination schema is a approach of research that takes the travel of researcher possible from the “whole/ macro/ Broad” issues to ‘specific/ micro/ minute’ issues.

What a coordination Schema Serves?

Coordination schema serves the following;

1. It helps in convergence and consolidation of the research design.
2. It helps presenting the research design in a systematic order
3. It ensures coherence of steps in a research
4. It brings completeness in the research design
5. It helps avoiding unintentional gaps, and
6. It helps to avoid duplication

How does a Coordination Schema Look Like?

A Coordination Schema may look like the table image presented, although the style of presentation may differ from cases to cases depending on the subject and rigor of the research under question. As said earlier, the coordination schema provides a journey from the macro or broad issues to micro or specific issues. The basic elements of a coordination schema are (1) the parameter under study (2) Complex variable (3) Simple Variable (4) Value (5) Source (6) location/ Item number on the source (7) Technique of analysis. Let us look at the table below in which we are trying to present a coordination schema for a research on Dowry Deaths in Orissa. Please note that the numbers and sources cited are only hypothetical for the sake of present use of answering this particular question only.

As one can see, the above incomplete table provides a rough picture of how to undertake the research, what values to be used and what methods to be undertaken for a particular hypothetical study on dowry deaths in India. The table presented here might not be very scientific and due to lack of time, I could not complete the table, but, I have tried to incorporate the major elements of a coordination schema of a research on dowry death in Orissa here.


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