Corruption Spreads Corrupt Makes Merry

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Often people use others for their covert aims. They make others to act as guinea pig. They use their wealth to gather the poor around them.

Using Animal Idioms

Often people use others for their covert aims. They make others to act as guinea pig. They use their wealth to gather the poor around them. They do this not for good purpose but to exploit the poverty of the bereaved people. Soon the alley cats gather if you feed one of them only once due to mercy. I intended to eradicate corruption from the society but I was as awkward as a cow on roller skates. I had a narrow escape from the wild animals of this human jungle. I knocked at the doors of the kings of this jungle but they became as blind as bat from the realities of world. They remain busy as a beaver in making fool of others. They use the simple people whose hearts are as clean as hounds teeth. They become as conceited as a barber's cat and never look within themselves. Same are the people who are as crook as a dog's hind leg.
They remain unconscious of the realities of life and remain as drunk as a skunk their vanity become strong and as fat as a pig. They cheat the naïve people who are as gentle as a lamb. Nobody loves these wolves because they become as gruff as a bear and non cooperative. They are hungry of power and pelf; they are hungry of pomp and show. They are as greedy and as hungry as a bears. When such people entangle in the web of the nemesis they are as nervous as a cat, no body comes forward to rescue them. Then they look as poor as a church mouse and as meek as a lamb but this is always a passing phase. They are as quiet as a mouse but for the time being. In fact they are mentally sick, as sick as a dog. They feign them selves as scared as a rabbit but the facts are quite opposite. In fact they are sly and clever like a fox and as stubborn as a mule.
When they are under clouds they are as weak as a kitten and when they come out of this crisis they are as wild as a tiger. The politicians and the people in the helm of affairs come forward to rescue these rascals. They are always in the habit of backing the wrong horse for their own interests. The bureaucrats do not know such politicians; they do not understand that their bark is worse than their bite. The officials become subdued and do not badger such black sheep. If some daring officer arrest such devils, the corrupt politicians bark up the wrong tree and become their enemies. They beat a dead horse knowingly and mark time.
The best-laid plans of mice and men in such times are to inform the highest authority of the state about the evil mongers then they will call the dogs off. If a cat gets one tongue it is his fault. If the president or the prime minister does not know about these holy cows, how can they do something? The stories remain cock and bull stories and any effort to nip the evil in the bud goes to the dogs. With the passage of time the corruption of the big fish becomes a horse of a different color and nobody believes in the truth.


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author avatar vpaulose
11th Aug 2012 (#)

Interesting information. Thank you Akram

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author avatar akram saqib
12th Aug 2012 (#)

There are animal idioms used in this article for English language lovers

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