Could you HUG me for one LAST TIME??

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This fiction is about a nonchalant Casanova, who gives a DAMN to the WORLD. He aspires to be Jim Morrison one day. He is told he needs to pass through a heartbreak to be one like them. During jaunt for his passion, he meets Heer – girl who who stumbles his life forever….Yup no guesses, you hit it right…It’s story of a ROCKSTAR!! Let’s read now……

My zeal

I was born with absolute different road to walk on. My passion was altogether alien to many of my generation. I loved something more than anything in life. Where the other guys were occupied with shaping their careers up I was busy nourishing my passion. This is what I loved…this is what I beheld more than my life. My passion was MUSIC. My love was my GUITAR. My aim was to be a renounced musician. This is all I dreamt of. This is what I lived for!!!

How the course of life changes with time! How one is hallucinated to transcend to a different path! How inadvertently life unfolds an unseen play for you to act! ….And you unaware of the fact that it may change you for a LIFETIME you walk unconsciously on the path sprawled before you!

“Dude, you think, you’re a good with….”
College canteen operator looks at my guitar, ”fucken strings?”
“Jim Morrison holds this. I wana be like him.” I hopped in ecstasy, grabbing a chair beside.
“You know who’s this chap?” He waved a disgusting look.
“Yeah!!" I revered, “Someday I’d be one like him.”
“Disgusting!! You know what’s so uncommon in you and so commonly found in these musical stars, your JM or whatever…..”
“What?” I asked in innocence but perplexed at some out-of-the-world-findings (of him) that could possibly harvest my name closer to my idol.
“They’ve one thing in common.”
“What’s that? Come on, say up please?” I pleaded.
“TRAGEDY dude – tragedy. They have all suffered painful heartbreaks that, in part, made them what they are.”
“…And how these heartbreaks occur.”
“Fall in love and get cheated or dumped, you’d know!”

I'm a born Rockstar

Shortcut to success! I could envisage my passion getting fulfilled. I could see myself at epitome of success with Jim Morrison….wow!!!!! girl!!!

Say by chance, my luck…destiny…..Heer, came my way. She was gorgeous, refreshing…mind blowing! She was rich, talented and diva to hold any breath to death. All what she had to do was ….ummmm … absolute nothing. You look into her eyes and you’re trapped in her enchanting beauty. She would rein your heart forever.

While other guys would ponder thousands time to even cross her path, I approached the QUEEN of the college very first day I saw her in the chilling morning at my college campus and proposed her the same very moment (not out of love for her majestically flawless beauty, but out of my passion for my impending dream). Though as expected of her, she kicked me out of the scene instantly but grandiosely presented to me her unseen façade that perhaps none knew about. I was destined to tang that.

We had fun......

We hit on the note from the very first moment we banged on each other. She was all set to get married in next two months and wanted overenthusiastically to indulge into loads of craziest stuffs before losing out herself to someone. And for me, all I desired was to fall in love once and experience a solid and impeccable Heart-ATTACK!!

We had country alcohol, watched B-grade porn in a small theater and did much more fanatical stuffs. She was a sport; I tell you… a treat…she was all fun. I loved her company. I enjoyed her companionship.

Can you HUG me please....

However, Heer went extra mile, I didn’t know about then. She fell in love with me. I was unaware of this budding presence of love back then. I was a fool to be aloof of the truth, even when she hinted it out to me when I went to Kashmir for her marriage.
“Can you HUG me dear?” She requested intently looking into my eyes with her fingers dipped in bridal mehndi.
“Oh sure, I hug you.” I inched forward to take her into my arms.
“Hold me a little….tight, pleaseee.” Uncomfortable though, I followed the instructions. A fool I was…BIG TIME!

Hold me...tight!!

Her eyes closed for some time. The milieu went quite for some time. All one could hear, the beats of heart throbbing louder with heavier breathe. She was calm for a second lost in instant.
“Thanks! Now I got to go. It’s too late.”
“O..o..k.” This is what I could manage to speak and she zoomed off from my eyes without letting me feel the closeness we shared a while back.

Bridal day!!!

On her bridal day, I went to see her. She looked sumptuous. A marvel crowned in red. Red made her look hot, fabulous and devouring. “You’re looking stunningly gorgeous.”
“Oh, is it? Wana take advantage of that…?” She flirted
“Would love to…..”
“Back door is open. We can fly off.” She hinted me once again.
“I’d be tracked and killed. Spare me.” And I laughed it off.
“Hope to see you in Prague then. We would relive the moments once more.” She just smiled.

I met her again... :)

That day she was married to someone else and I came back to Delhi to plunge my musical aspirations. However due to my unplanned trip to Kashmir, worst consequences followed. I was thrown out of home by my family. That was the moment; I felt the knack of loneliness the first time. I took shelter in Mosque. Time flew by. With changing time, I managed to get through handful of good assignments for myself. That canteen operator chap helped me in my perseverance. But that did not help bring tranquility inside me. There was some kinda loneliness that haunted me at times. I knew there was something I was missing out around me in spite of all. The moments spent with Heer were memorable. Those were still afresh in my memory. I never knew I’d get so passionate to meet her for once, until I signed an unconditional contract with an agency to take me to a concert trip to Prague.

“Hello Heer!!” I met her finally in Prague. She looked magnificent. She was clad in a dress that made her look more beautiful and refreshing as always. And I still apprehensive (of love), as always! We rejoiced yet again the refurbishing memories of past and hanged on to every filthy pubs and discs, cheap prostitution hubs and sleazy place like striptease centers. But this time the table had turned other way round. This time it was me who felt the vibes of been fallen in LOVE with her. Oh yes….It was right. On way back home, she had clasped me from behind the back seat of bike I was driving. Her head was resting on my back. Her hands were holding me tight while her eyes were shut. Her hairs produced scintillating effect while they reeled softly touching my open body parts. A feeling inside gripped me which I felt was so irresistible and uncontrollable. I stopped bike. She loosened me and opened her eyes flabbergasted?

I kissed her.......

“Heer, I want to kiss you?”
“Yeah, this is what I’ve been missing now.”
“I can’t and I shouldn’t. I’m married now.”

However, I did not stop. I was so carried away by the flood of emotions rushing through my blood that I did not heed her. I got down from the bike and had a forceful kiss. She opposed. But her attempts were meek. She tried best to get out of my clutch. But endeavor was half-hearted. It went futile! Though, she dislodged me soon off realizing it was wrong to morals.

“Thanks Heer. It was so different.”
“You’re a jerk.”
“I hardly care. It was my best kiss ever.”

“Whatever…..It was wrong. Never dare again. I warn you…” she displayed probably the falsest anger ever.
“Give me HUG Heer…”
“No….” Her tone was harsh.
Please Heer….I need it.” I motioned towards her with my tiny steps clung deep into her eyes.
“No..o..o. You…y..ou….can…n’t.” Heer was slowly budging backward while her heart was mellowing down against sense of right and wrong. Her eyes deeply soaked in my hypnotism.

“Heer…..ple..a..see.” I held her by palm, gliding my hands reach her back. She felt helpless to witness the love of her life once again before her….holding her so close. Hysterical, she crawled closer to me. I gazed her closed eyes through the flawless whiteness of her beauty. Her long nose, her soft lips rubbed my face on her way for desire of a safe shoulder, to rest her trembling face bathed in enticed pleasure. The swaying long hair wrapped my face momentarily to hide me from the world outside.

“Hold me tight Heer….Hold me tight.” And I tightened my grip against her. She shook incessantly feeling my heavier breath on her naked neck. I could hear her fast pulsating beats of heart. She was gasping furiously for want of something alike fish longing for water…alike humming birds longing for shelter…..alike soul longing for mortal….alike....a girl madly in love with me!

There was no space for anything now to creep in between us.

**part- II will follow soon...!!


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Hi all..I am prashant from mumbai , India. I am out here to try my hand out in writing something....well....not decided yet...may be would write something concerning youths or teenagers..I enjoy that!

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author avatar prashant_jha
27th Nov 2011 (#)

Thanks Zjoen..will sure would.. :)

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author avatar Retired
27th Nov 2011 (#)

Well interesting take....
None the less, I would never meet a male from the past without someone else with me especially when I know there are sparks flying.
Leaving a male and female together can result in the above but it is the woman who has to say no and walk away when she knows the moral grounds more out of respect to the person she is married to.
It is different when there is a separation and a divorce as that is not disrespect to a marriage and above all to the person married to.

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author avatar prashant_jha
27th Nov 2011 (#)

very true Aiyanna..I'm also of the same opinion as you. The story is just a fiction, may coincidentally be true with someone's life..Thanks anyways :)

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Dec 2011 (#)

Very interesting. Would you please be my friend?

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author avatar prashant_jha
2nd Dec 2011 (#)

My pleasure vpaulose :)

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