Courting the Old Way

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Yes just a look at what those guys had to prove to visit the sweetheart at home/

Courting the Old Way

There were two lovers, who were openly displaying their affection
This action did not for one moment eluded the attention of two old gentlemen
They then began to talk and compare about the day they were courting
And the way they had to operate, no like how these youngsters were doing.

In our time we had to be very discrete and had to meet secretly
those that she went to church, was the biggest and best opportunity
And when you were talking and happened to see her daddy
He would look at you with such a look that made you feel so uneasy

Any touching even though you did it deliberately, had to make it look an accident
Because one had to be careful, as that action she my show some resentment
But as time progressed and there was some holding of hands
There was that feeling of winning the greatest prize in the land.

That kiss permitted which was most often on the cheek
Made you feel as though you could dance for a week
And when there was that moment when the lips area
That most certainly promoted a feeling of such euphoria.

By now you felt that you should come visit her at home
No suddenly showing up like the place is your own
There was that action of writing the parents for permission
In which you will of course state the extent of your intention

This letter mush be well written, with such impeccable grammar
In that, you will get help from a friend or a school teacher
Using words and expression, even poetry to create that impression
Because this a moment consider to a very important occasion.

Permission grated, on that day you arrive looking quite dapper
Clothes well pressed pant seams sharp like a giant cutter
And shoes well polished and shiny smooth like a mirror
Reflecting the light but there is nothing bright about your terror.

After knocking at the house entering, exercising such decorum
Like an interview waiting until you are told to sit down
Then you will see father, mother uncles and aunt giving you glances
This was enough to cause fear and my how off the face the perspiration really bounces

How you were bombarded with question coming from all directions
Man it look as though it was a crafted by those in the inquisition
By standing firm and your answers reflect those intentions
But do not think that because you were in, there should be relaxation.


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author avatar Tim Crosswell
17th Aug 2011 (#)

Lovely. I loved reading it. Thanks.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Aug 2011 (#)

courting now is sending a text message.

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author avatar poetic2984
17th Aug 2011 (#)

Yes that is true more e-courting

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author avatar Songbird B
18th Aug 2011 (#)

Some of those old ways of courting would be so much nicer than what we have in today's world, Poetic. Ah the joy of nostalgia... Great poem...

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author avatar D in The Darling
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Ways of courting can change but love will always be the same.

I love this. This for sharing.

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