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A classic story of how a friend told a stupid lie to cover his tracks.

Sometimes, we do unnecessary things to cover our tracks.

I have a friend named Morgan who is a kind soul. He’s probably one of the most polite and humble people you’d ever meet. But like everyone else, he does have his flaws and his is a classic case of the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

You ever met someone who might be one way but once they begin to drink, they become a completely different person?

That’s Morgan.

He’s a cool person and all but as soon as he has a pint, he undergoes a crazy metamorphosis and becomes someone entirely different.

Now, Morgan is a construction worker and in South Africa, depending on the company; construction workers get paid on a fortnightly basis. This can be a problem for some people who have impulsivity issues and (more importantly to this story) people who love to have a good time such as Morgan.

It was a weekend and Morgan had just received his pay. In an effort to wind down the work week; Morgan and I met up and decided to head to the local watering hole.

After all, it was just going to be a couple of beers. What could go wrong?

One beer in, Morgan was still good for the count. Second beer, Morgan was beginning to show signs of slowing down but he still had the wherewithal to hold a conversation. By the third beer, Mr. Hyde was running the show and it was a sight to behold!

I don’t know what possessed him but on that day, Morgan revealed a side to him I didn’t think existed – an arrogant nature and the need to show off.

Now, it’s not really a problem to show off every now and again. It can be fun and most of us do it in some form or manner but on this occasion, Morgan chose to be a dick about it which a lot of people found disrespectful.

He was all over the place; throwing money around and taunting people as if they were beggars.

“You look poor, take!”
“Why are you drinking such a rubbish beer? Don’t you have money? Here, you poor bastard. Go buy a real brew and get a taste of the good life!”
“You know me – More money, more women and more liquor – I’M MORGAN!”

People were getting irritated at my friend’s dickish behavior and they had every right to. I mean, who in the hell did he think he was?!?

They had every reason to knock him down a couple of notches and judging by their change in demeanor, it seemed they had every intention to.

I knew things were about to go down when I noticed a couple of guys giving us “that look” so being a huge believer in preemptive measures, I managed to persuade Morgan that we should call it a night and after dropping him off safely by his place, I headed off thinking that was the end of it.

Sometime during the night, I was woken up to a call from a lady who was clearly distressed and while I was a bit disoriented, it didn’t take long for me to match the voice to a face.

It was Morgan’s woman and through her sobbing, I was able to deduce that Morgan had been hospitalized due to an assault.

“What happened?!?”
“I dont know, he was with you the whole night!”
“What?!? I dropped the bastard off!!”

So many questions were on my mind but with my friend’s safety as the main priority, I went to pick up his woman and we raced to the hospital in the hopes that he wasn’t seriously injured.

Jesus, please…

We got to the hospital and invaded the receptionist area with the intent of getting answers but we were told to wait for the doctor so for the next fifteen or so minutes, I was trying to console and convince the poor that she wasn’t about to become single but the more time the doctor took to show up (coupled with the lady’s negativity) the more bleak the situation began to look and that took my mind to some unsavory thoughts.

This bastard might just be dead…

My hope was just about finished when thankfully; the doctor showed up and reassured us that Morgan was out of immediate danger.

Thank God...But how did he end up at the hospital?

Determined to get to the bottom of this, I told the doctor about the events leading up to when I’d dropped him off then asked him just who brought him in and what exactly happened.

The doctor had quite a story to tell.

According to the doctor, Morgan was found on the way to the pub, which leads me to think that despite how drunk he was, Morgan probably felt that he didn’t completely quench his thirst and as soon as I’d dropped him off, he bid his time till I was out of sight before heading back to the pub.

Unfortunately, being drunk and on his own, it’s likely that Morgan met some guys who must’ve thought he was an easy target. Things went down and Morgan got injured.

Allegedly, the person who brought him to the hospital found him out cold in a pool of his own blood with none of his belongings on him but the doctor says that when he was admitted, he had somewhat gained consciousness.

The doctor questioned Morgan about what happened and the only possible explanation I can think of is that Morgan didn’t want to admit he went back to go drink some more because when he was asked to recount his steps, he allegedly said the following:

“I was coming back from church…”

Never change,you lying bastard..never change.


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