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This is how an uneducated guy from Oklahoma, got educated by the school of hard knocks, worked hard and came out ahead. He left Oklahoma in the 1930's, Got educated in the trades and came out a winner.

How it all started

This may be a funny title for an article and it is not a commercial for an electric repair company. Let me explain when I was a young guy teenager my dad was in the contracting business, wiring houses and sawmills and repairing anything electrical. Nothing else came to mind as I was thinking about what to write, so we will and see if people will read it.

At the time I never questioned how he knew all the things he knew, why should I, he was my dad and dads are supposed to know every thing, and to me he did. I have long since figured out where he learned it, since he had no formal eduction and only went to the eighth grade in an Indian school on the reservation in Oklahoma. Then when he was a young man the whole family had to pack up and move because of the dust bowl conditions there in his home area. During WW2 he worked in the shipyard for Kaiser Shipyards in California, it was there he learned may things. He learned electrical work, plumbing, and refrigeration, the job was like a gigantic vocational school that you got paid to go to.

When the job was over he studied some more and went and took the state electrical license exam and passed it, and became an electrical contractor in the state of California. So that explains the Cox Electric. Just think how many other men were able to get an education like my dad got and get paid for learning. Ww2 changed the country ,and changed the people in it, all for the good.

Working Together

Grass Valley was an old town, may of the houses were built before there was electricity available. They used a carbide gas generator in the basement for lighting and the gas was piped to every room in the house, so you at least had a light in the room, and for supplemental light in the living room they would use kerosene lamps, but also the rich folks had a gas chandelier.

Cooking was either on a wood stove or one that used kerosene, at that time we had no propane or natural gas. Later on the big utility company put gas pipes all over town and you had a meter and connected to the gas company lines.

Where my dad got his business was installing electricity in all these old homes,and there was a lot of them, so he made some money. The other thing is these people had no appliances to use with the electricity that they now had, so dads friend Vic Montre was in the appliance business, so he sold the appliances and my Dad hooked them up to power.

I got experience in electrical work by helping my dad, I was the attic man if that is where he needed to run wires or bore holes. i was also the basement or crawl under the house man if thats where i was needed, That was my summers work when I was in high school.


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started writing 2 yr ago, to help afriend with some research. i enjoyed it and decided i would do thi on my own, i still enjoy. i write alot of personal stories and health articles.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Sep 2012 (#)

These experiences make a man out of a boy - but they are disappearing with many eager to make money and a living out of thin air! Thanks for a thought provoking share, Joseph - siva

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
28th Sep 2012 (#)

Siva, i always appreciate your comments, thanks

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