Crashing the car

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Well, what are we going to do with our last moments? Mother and I are obviously not going to be alive much longer.

Crashing the car

So I think, why don't we use these last few moments of consciousness in an effort to see if we can use the slightest chance of still surviving this.

Although I myself want to panic and die, I realize after taking a last look at Mother that I am going to have to talk her through this. That isn't really Mother sitting next to me right now, not as I know her anyway, because at this moment it's this thing that is making these noises of a crying, screaming, panicking human being, who is in such astounding fear that you can barely recognize her.

I try to get her to focus, a task that isn't the easiest of tasks right now, but it's what we have to work with. We can't see anything around the car, but we are going to have to do this from memory. We do remember where everything is, right?

Mother knows that if she backs up just far enough, she can turn the car's tail to the right, and then go straight down the driveway and out the gate and down the road.

However, in the panic she backs up so fast and estimates the distance far too short, so when she does swing the tail to the right, sure enough, we back up right into a tree. Gosh blast darn it!!!

Ok, don't panic (too late to say that I guess, but anyway), we seem to still be conscious, probably from all the adrenalin and nothing else, because honestly under normal circumstances I don't think humans can survive without breathing in oxygen for this long. We'll just keep trying for these few more moments while our bodies haven't died far enough to completely stop moving.

Now, go carefully forward just a bit, but not too much, or you'll drive into the line of big potted plants that are all along the West Wing driveway.

Sure enough, bam! The nose of the car rams into what must be one of those potted plants. We can't really see, but I think my memory and estimation of distances and of where we are are a bit more accurate than Mother's. I wish I was in the steering seat right now, but there's no time now.

For a minute I wonder if maybe we can get the car through between two of these pots of plants, and drive over the lawn to the gate. But WE CAN'T SEE!!! If we take an unfamiliar route like that, and we get the car stuck between somethings, I won't know what it is since although I know the garden, I have never thought about whether certain spaces are wide enough for a car to pass through. Better stick to the driveway in my memory.

Ok, well we've backed up crescently into a tree which I think I know which one it is, and then drove forward into one of the big potted plants, so if we reverse again now, we might be able to turn the car so it faces the right way. Then we just go on a bit and then make a right, and then drive on until we go out the gate and down the road.

Mother does so, and I think we are facing the right direction. Now Mother must just drive on for a bit until we reach the rock garden, and then turn right.

But Mother seems now in such a feary panic, that she just steps on the gas like nobody's business. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!!!!!

BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She drives head on into the rocks.

Is the car stuck now with one of the big rocks under the nose?

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Interesting post!

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