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Being a wordsmith, I master one dance form. The only form I have ever known since I embarked upon my writing career. My fingers start dancing on the keys of a keyboard and keep on producing write ups for my organization, my freelance clients and my friends’ content need.

5 Creative Ways to Promote A blog That Meets Market Goals

It has been almost five years now that I have been practicing this dance form. I call it Finger-Salsa because my fingers are as slim as several Salsa performers. While creating and posting articles, at times I lose my peace of mind and find nothing better than a blog to give voice to anger, experience- both sweet and bitter and my realization on the top of everything.

Once I started blogging, I used to long for more readers on my blog and more page views. For a writer, it’s the biggest success and I am no exception. However, for promotion of my blog I left no stone unturned and now, what you are going to read is entirely my experience.

Here I share my secrets and you get five creative ways to convey your message via your blog to your targeted audience-

#1. Social Media Broadcasting-

These days, choosing one over the other channel of social media is hard. To kick off your project, pick up one that offers flexibility without compromise on readership. Social media sharing in a creative way is essential. Take a step ahead and sign up for a membership right now.

#2. Mailer Updates-

Facilitate your audience to sign up with your blog and grab all blog-posts through mail. RSS feed, can be another potential way. However, it calls for a bit of technical know-how.

#3. Flaunt Your Blog on the Mother Site-

For big corporate heads and MNCs, it’s not a big deal to attach a link of their blog on the mother website (the main business site). When it comes to a freelance writer or a small organization, it worries a bit. The right away solution is either start posting on high readership directories or start extensive social sharing.

#4. Read and Comment on Others’ Blog-

This step takes more time yet is effective.

None has to learn everything by the time he or she is 23 years of age. Learning breeds creativity. Keep reading and don’t even think of quitting it. Read with an eye for detail and start commenting.

With informative comments, you can make others turn their heads and take a look at you.

#5. Joining Forum and Potential Roundtables online-

When I was in college, my friends and I used to visit the old Coffee house in Kolkata at College Street.
A great many writers, intellectuals and movie-makers and others who were concerned about socio-political issues used to gather there.

Of late, I realized that a Google hangout is as fruitful as that. By joining forums and starting discussions, you promote your style of thinking, writing and of course, blogging. I did it and got result, it’s now your turn.

The Bottom Line-

What’s the use of a coffee shop with no visitor?

Blogs are quite the same. Take time, write well and promote it to take the world of blogging and online content marketing by storm.

Get your language and let others know of it through promotion. Creative promotions rarely fail to live up to expectation. Be creative and steer your blog to the way of huge commercial success after facing boldly every single bump.


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I have been writing since the mid of 2008. I love to write on a wide array of topics and subjects. SEO, SMO and creative writing top the list of my choice.

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author avatar Songbird B
28th Apr 2013 (#)

An informative and enjoyable read Alex, that also shows your creative way with words! Nice read my friend. Building a following takes time, but providing you are also checking out other writers work too, it will come..\0/x

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author avatar Alex Berry
28th Apr 2013 (#)

Thanks Songbird! You are quite right when you say to follow others writing and all. I will keep this in my mind. I am sure we can build a close following for sure.

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author avatar Rohan
11th Sep 2013 (#)

somewhere it also depends on the person for free promotion there are lots of ways like social bookmarking but going behind the scene also works like monitoring the tactics used by popular websites and then implementing them to our websites will lead to readership , promotion and traffic

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author avatar Retired
3rd Dec 2013 (#)

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