Culture's Power

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No matter where one goes that power of culture will always come to the fore

Culture's Power

This picture always fits so well into that mind’s frame
One that portrays the power of culture quite easy to retain
Because from the moment one leaves ones country for another
There will always that attempt to hold on to something of the culture

Because there those meal will be quite strange and may be rejected by the palate
The adjusting to the food will take some time for the system to negotiate
Because in the mind there will the longing for most of the time
To have on the plate all those native food that you have left behind

It is quite natural for people when the move in number to a distant land
They will more than like try to create something similar to the homeland
This over time will be on them that sort of peace as they have an area
That is a mirror image of something they can relate to, which is familiar

But alas! In migration and so unfortunate not only the good comes along
One can be certain that those with criminal intent will certainly be in the throng
It can be certain that those who came from Italy to America in that era
Yes brought along not only that wonderful food called pizza, but too the Mafia

Those many different immigrants to that country made such a great difference
To its growth, infrastructure development as a nation and by extension its worldwide eminence
And those building constructed by those who were among the first entrants
Were restored to their initial state and become of such tourism significance

Those too who were forcefully transported across the Atlantic and sold into slavery
Many of the descends still hold fast to some of the culture of the ancestry
This can be demonstrated by some religious practices, language and dress
There are also some places that has preserve those slave huts which survived time’s test

Now the bigger power’s culture has now seem to be one of a trend setter
The others have become some overwhelmed and theirs are being buried deeper
Via the communication technology it is able to show case its habits, dress and even music
And no matter what’s done there on the others the effect is almost instamatic


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author avatar Shaunak
5th Jun 2012 (#)

Great Poem and it makes u think..

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
5th Jun 2012 (#)

Yes seems to be ingrained in all of us

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Jun 2012 (#)

a lot of wisdom embedded in this ..thank you Socrates...

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