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Many of us might have experienced participating in school skits,dramas,one-act plays.These were really superb days, for most of us,I believe as we don't find time to think of doing such skits or enjoying while rehearsing for such plays now, as adults.Whenever we go nostalgic, we just enjoy those days as sweet little memories, some of which I would like to share only to make you laugh for a while...GO ON to ENJOY !


I still remember, the days when there were serious rehearsals for the skits for the cultural activities or competitions or finally for the annual day function of the school.The most wanted or unavoidable program was the skit which was performed by children of each class.
The dialogues were delivered and there was background music for most the punches or slaps only to make the audience clap.But the most unforgettable event was when one of the participants had to deliver dialogues in one language but had the mother tongue of a different one.
Usually this happens with the main character of the play or main witness of a suspense thriller.
Once, there was a skit about unity in a family. The hero had to deliver a dialogue which was too early for him to understand the meaning in real life. So, he just thought to get it by heart and recite as in Oral Exams.
Everything went on well.But at last the hero had to deliver the dialogue which was actually to make the other one realize about Unity.
He said " Dear Wife, the relation between a couple should be like a FISH AND FISHERMAN but NOT LIKE FISH AND POND !"
The audience was shocked, but then there was a loud applause and some of them were even saying "ONCE MORE "!
These words boosted the hero's confidence and he went on with the same dialogue again and again, but the audience was continuously giggling whenever he stopped.Somehow the skit came to an end and it was time for the hero to know about the reason for the reaction of the audience.
Later after going through his script, he found that he was going on repeating a wrong dialogue for which the audience was going on clapping.He giggled at himself for being so foolish to repeat it as the actual dialogue was "THE RELATION BETWEEN A COUPLE SHOULD BE LIKE A FISH AND A POND AND NOT LIKE A FISH AND A FISHERMAN."

Later, one of his uncles came to him and said, you haven't said anything wrong dear, this you will understand after a decade, once you get married !


On another such occasion, there was a skit to be performed about a suspense thriller.The hero is stabbed with a knife for which his servant is a witness and should confess this to the police.The pathetic situation of the witness was that he had to deliver his dialogues in HINDI as the whole skit was to be performed in Hindi.But, he was not fluent in it, as he was from Kerala who knew English, Malayalam and a bit of Hindi as it was one of his subjects and got the answers by heart, somehow managed to score better than most of the students, but was not fluent in speaking in Hindi.

So, when it was time for him to deliver his dialogue, he said, "SAAB KE HAATH MEIN KHOON , PAET SE CHAAKU AAYA !
Which meant, there was blood in my master's hand and the knife came from his stomach.He had to say it the other way round actually that there was knife in my master's hand and blood came out from his stomach.

Everyone started laughing and this was the end of the suspense thriller.


There are also instances where kids used to perform there own stories, simply modifying the story of the Mahabharata or Ramayana.They used to say that the characters should have acted a different way in such situations. So, they used to express their thoughts through these dramas.

There were dramas related to Rama sending his wife Sita to forest, listening to the words of a drunk washer man.They used to perform it in a different way, saying that a powerful and virtuous king should never do that and due to this, their kids Lava and Kusa had to live for their whole with single parent, half of their life with mother and the other half with their father.How hard it would have been for them.
Saying so, they used to modify the whole story and give it a happy ending.

This was done even with the act of Draupadi Vasthraapaharan where Draupadi is insulted and tortured by the Kauravas in the presence of Pandavas and all the ministers of the court of kingdom of Hastinapur by pulling her sari but is rescued by Lord Krishna.

But this was modified by giving good blows to the one who tries to pull her sari by "Bhishma" who was the most powerful and eldest of all.There was moral behind this, never to tease woman and they even said that there was no need of the Lord coming for her rescue as who ever comes for rescue can be treated as God !


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