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Now, let me share you my experiences as a customer service representative.
hope some could relate! :)

Customer Service Representative

Excited! Because this is my first time to write any stuff that will be published! :))
Familiar with BPO company? call center? contact center? Here in Philippines, where I came from, we have lots of call centers here, and we call people who works there as call center agents, or agents!

I am a graduate of a four-year course that is Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I just graduated last April 18, 2011, and took the Nursing Licensure Exam last July 2 & 3, 2011. Exam results will be released 2 months from the examination date. And so I decided to find for a job (because I don't want to be a bum!). I was really looking for any type of job that is an office based and high paying, as much as possible above the minimum wage. I tried to apply for any office staff but whenever I send my curriculum vitae, I don't hear anything from them. I can't apply for a nursing job, becawas use results weren't released yet and I'm not pretty sure if I passed it.

I think this is the time that I will try apply in a call center company and so I did. Luckily, I passed their requirements, interviews, exams and so and so...
I was really excited because this will be my first job that I'll be getting if ever!!!

August 19, 2011- I got the job offer, and my start date of working/training was August 23, 2011. Technically, I have 4 days left before my first day.

August 20, 2011- Surprisingly, examination results of board exam were released! Luckily, I passed! whew!

August 23, 2011- My first day of work, but actually it was just 4 hours because it was just for work orientation and submission of requirements.

The next day after orientation, we were able to meet our trainer. We have three courses in training. PST for 20 days, CCT for 10 days and A-BAY for 10 days. As I am learning the industry of call centers, I have now improved my English speaking skills and now I have more confidence than I had before! It really improved my personality and it was a big help then. And as an agent we have to really stay up late at night, because most most of the call centers are for "graveyard shift"/ night shift. But it was never a problem to me, I know to myself that I'm not a morning person, I hate waking up early in the morning.

Currently, I'm on my last course of training. I passed all the assessments as we go on our training. We are now inside the production floor, taking live calls!

Our task as an agent are receiving calls from outside the country and our subscribers are from U.S. and Canada. We answer their queries and provide everything that they need about their particular item. It is not really a difficult job if you are a multi-tasker! Because you have to speak to the as you navigate with the tools needed for your work.

I hope I can pass A-BAY for me to be a regular staff there because I really enjoy working there, and I have new friends that are really nice to me! The workplace is really suitable for me, i have my own working station, my headset and I really love this job!


Work, Workplace, Works

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Hi! I'm Chi, a half Jappy and Fil. 21 years old..and enjoys freelance writing! :))

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author avatar Buzz
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

Welcome to Wikinut, Chi!

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author avatar amberdextrous
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

I echo Buzz's welcome, Chi, and congratulate You on your first post, which has given us a clear insight into the work involved in call centres.

Congratulations also on passing your Nursing exams! I hope You go on to a rewarding career in this noble profession -but please, don't stop writing!

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author avatar Chi
6th Oct 2011 (#)

thank you form your warm welcome!! :) yes, i will not stop writing. even though i think i suck in writing..but i don't care, anyway, it's a freelance! right? :) good luck! thank you again!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Jan 2015 (#)

Much water has flown under the bridge now and I am sure you are flying high as a nurse now - siva

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