Cyber Monday or Cyber Week Deals- We Need a Change

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Cyber Monday has come and gone.Well, for some there is still cyber week going on. We are delighted we got great deals at super low prices,yet we fail to realize the damage this has done to us and the way we live.

Hot Chase on Cyber Monday

Yesterday was cyber Monday as you and I know. It is a day that has become part of our culture.A day after the Thanksgiving holiday where we have time to go get fantastic low prices of goods or services we would have otherwise gotten at high prices.It has become a day many of us keep in our diaries and even if we don't the media will remind you many days prior to the cyber weeks deals of places where you can buy products at discount or coupons prices.

Just yesterday, the agency that track retail data all over the country revealed that billions of dollars were spent on black Fridays,which gives us a hint of billions of dollars would be spent on cyber Monday as well. I know by the time the week runs out,data will become public on how much cyber Monday deals raked in for retail outlet or stores like Walmart, Target,Amazon and the likes.

We all like buying at discount or coupons prices.Nobody will not like to save some dime on products we would have spent much more buying.There is some much expectation and waiting for these special discount deals days.These retail company will have rolled out adverts on TV and other advertising medium to keep people in the mood for these special deals days.Amazon about 3 weeks before thanksgiving has been displaying their deals for thanksgiving,black Friday,cyber Monday week as well as Christmas deals.The same applies to other big retail outlet. Even some companies gives their workers days off or allow them to leave office early in order to take advantage of these special deals.One thing though, is that these special deals days are traps that we continue to fall into consistently year in, year out and we don't know we are entrapped for bad.

We are delighted that we get to buy products at ridiculously low prices ta Cyber Monday,but little do we know that we opened the room for insatiable appetite for luxuries which we really never need.How would you see many shoppers on credit card buying so much than they really would have bought for cash because they want to cash in on cyber Monday deals.Not only that, how about the lust that engulfed us, that we wanted more home accessories, toiletries,hi-fi,electronics and the likes just like the Jones

Effect on Economy and Habit

American is reeling in trillion dollars of debt not only because our leaders were economical or financially deficient in management, but because our insatiable lust for the vogue in accessories even when we don't have enough to buy them. How can we ever get out of this monstrous debts when our leaders have so long be pampering our growing appetite by giving us social welfare handouts,easy access to credit cards and the likes.

Change Fast

Guys, we need a change of habit and attitude. The earlier we do, the better for us.It is difficult to do this going by the many years this habits had become part of us.We are people we follow our latest taste and styles in virtually everything and we need a turn around in our insatiable appetite for the latest accumulation even when we can't afford it.It is an issue of our mind.Unless we change our thought pattern to ways we see our needs and wants, we would never see any change. Our mind is so hard to change unless by imbibing a new way we see and do things.Since we see nothing bad in buying things to be like any other person or to show that we are of no lower status to our neighbors,we remain where we are.

What we need for a mind change is God.We need to allow our creator to direct and chart the course of our life for us even on issues that pertains to our daily needs.His instructional manual HE gave us in order to know how to live our lives,the Bible says,"A man's life consists not in the things he possess."Your life is much more than accumulation for momentary pleasures,there is life that our life here must be prepared for. And the way we spent money will determine how prepared we are.


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