DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Man Made Evil)

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military. Though most of there science seems evil and destined to mess up the world.

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Man Made Evil)

Let me start by saying DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is above the law. They can and will do whatever they want. They like to play god and toy with things that should be left alone. They are human evil at its finest.

Defense Advanced Research Projects - Above The Law

What makes DARPA so successful is that it’s exempt from laws that hinder most government agencies. DARPA isn’t subject to Title V of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994, which puts in place all sorts of red tape for hiring and managing personnel. DARPA also has the option of funding projects through other transactions, which is more or less special power granted by Congress to avoid the red tape normally associated with federal grants. This gives DARPA a largely unrestricted $3.2 billion pot of money to use much like a venture capital firm would. This means they invest in high-risk, high-reward projects, excepting the fact that only a few of them will produce amazing results.

Example One:

It seems like the Pentagon is fed up with the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement as they put it and have got the evil scientist at DARPA working on synthetic organisms that will live for ever and if they turn out to be harmful, contain a genetic kill-switch. Also seeing as no one wants an immortal organism swayed to the enemies side they’ll encode loyalty into its DNA, by developing genetically programmed locks to create tamper proof cells. Plus, the synthetic organism will be traceable, using some kind of DNA manipulation similar to a serial number. The plan would assemble the latest bio-tech knowledge to come up with living, breathing creatures that are genetically engineered to produce the intended biological effects.

Example Two:

DARPA has a $2 billion yearly budget for research into creating a super solider as well as developing a synthetic police force. Working with the human genome, DARPA hopes to manipulate certain gene expressions. In experimentation, DARPA and the military industrial pharmaceutical complex are using natural abilities that are enhanced through genetic engineering. Some of the medical feats DARPA would like to enhance are the ability of military soldiers to regrow limbs destroyed in battle. They would also like to eliminate empathy, the Department of Defense hopes to enhance a soldier’s ability to kill without care or remorse, who shows no fear and can fight battle after battle without fatigue and generally behave more like a machine than a man.

Example Three:

Darpa’s got new target for there geo-hacking science, it is harnessing control over the natural mechanism of lightning initiation and the weather by creating a way to launch man-made lightning bolts, and prevent or redirect natural lightning strikes. I can only assume that if we keep messing with nature, we are going to throw something off balance. Things have a system for a reason.

Example Four:

Research is being conducted by DARPA for the proposes of a new program called Living Foundries. The main idea behind this program is to use biology as a manufacturing platform to enable on-demand production of new and high-value materials, devices and capabilities. Which more or less results in let’s engineer life to make stuff we want. By opening up the biological design and manufacturing process to public workers, they hope to speed up the development of a reliable factory for all sorts of living things.

DARPA - A Few Personal Thoughts

This DARPA has been assembling the best and brightest the world has to offer. Allowing them to assemble a vast wealth of knowledge and technology to be mixed and matched behind the veil of secrecy. DARPA wants an arsenal of biotechnology constructed of various individual parts contributed by participants who have no idea what they are involved in or the bigger picture they are helping to shape. Being aware of this potential danger is essential. This should give you added incentive to become actively involved and aware of what is going on around you.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
9th Dec 2012 (#)

DARPA may be assembling the brightest but certainly they are not assembling the best. Making people aware of this stuff is important. Thank you stilag.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Dec 2012 (#)

It is easier to destroy than build. War is easier than peace. Human lives have no value, but are we not all with same feelings? It is time we thought and did what is right than try to outwit others through stealth and surprise. We are our own worst enemies, digging our own graves! siva

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