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without inspiration, writing will be next to impossible; creating anything will be completely futile; life will be drab. this poem paints the effects of inspiration and why we need it in our lives.



Do you remember me?
I was the breeze that blew your sails
As it billowed across uncharted seas
In lecture halls and libraries.

I was the candle flame that drove away
The cobwebs of ignorance
And grooves of darkness
That shunned the illumination
That Alexandria’s Lighthouse promised.

I am that which penned Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex;
Stood at Galileo’s elbow
When he shouted ‘Eureka!’
I fought alongside Alexander the Great
When he began the carving of the ancient world.
I was there when the Great Chaka bested Zwide
And wooed the beautiful Noliwe.
I watched Pericles struggle
With marble in beautiful Athens
And Socrates question the youths
From foolishness to wisdom and back.
I sat with Marx while he propounded socialism
And held Nietzsche's hand
When he glorified the Aryan race.
I tossed and turned with Gates
As he polished Microsoft to megabucks.
Yet I strode with Gandhi along the salt mines
In Great Buddha’s country
When the revolution for freedom began.
I considered with Dickens
The fate of the British poor in Oliver Twist
And motivated Columbus
To circumnavigate the earth crust
With hopes of reaching a rich coast.
I served with Mandela
While he languished in enforced solitude,
After I had stumbled alongside Lincoln
When the death became too much.

I was Captain Hastings
In Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes;
The oracle at Thebes
In Herodotus’ ancient Greece.
I was the she wolf
That breastfed Romulus and his brother;
The shining light
On the brow of the apostles
And the designer of the Tower of Babel.
I am the poetry, the song;
The prose, the word;
The drama, the action;
The essay, the thought;
I am the muse, the inspiration
Separating man from the crowd.
Do you remember me?


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I am an amateur poet, writer, amateur blogger, social critic, teacher and book junkie. My writings are focused on literature, social issues, entertainment and politics

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th May 2015 (#)

An ode to inspiration that drives every action of ours - let us be positively inspired with passion too. You have covered from all angles, oskilo85 - siva

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author avatar oskilo85
17th May 2015 (#)

Thanks siva. That is the truth. In every aspect of life, inspiration is needed for man to break out of the mould and stand unique.

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author avatar Ptrikha
18th May 2015 (#)

Great poetry. Well written.

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author avatar oskilo85
18th May 2015 (#)

thanks Ptrikha

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