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Some writings from yesterday and today. Hopefully, some thought provoking reading

“What is Reality” by Jerry E Smith 9/25/15

“What is reality? If you are referring to things that you can see, feel
Taste…then reality is a set of electrical signals interpreted by your
Brain”…Morpheus from “the Matrix”
Is it so hard to believe, so hard to understand that we are connected, not
Only to each other, but to every other living thing on the planet? All of
Them also experience reality by way of that electrical stimulus. Our
Planet is bathed in an electromagnetic field from the sun, and in
One of its own. The Moon pulls at the very water in your body’s
The same way it pulls the tides. Can you honestly say that you
Cannot see how all these things are interconnected? WE are
The guardians of our world, and WE are destroying it, at an
Ever increasing rate. If the planet has an awareness, as
Some believe, then it surely must consider us to be
Parasites. We wouldn’t qualify as symbiotes. A
Symbiote doesn’t destroy the host. When we
Give up the notion that we have “Dominion”
Over the Earth, that it is our Property, to do
With as we wish, then and only then will
We be able to move into a greater
Awareness of those other
Mentalities around us.
“What is Reality” by
Jerry E Smith

“The Desert of the Mind” Jerry E Smith, 9/25/15

The Internet, like the Television before it, can be a good thing, a
Force for change, for education and for enlightenment. BUT,
The TV lead to a desert of the mind, where we are served
Up Pablum and drivel. Our minds atrophy, and we tend
To accept what we see or are told because it seems to
Fit with what we have seen or been told before. What
Goes around comes around, in an “Anti-intellectual”
Way of looking at it. Please don’t give up your gifts
For thinking, for reason and understanding. Don’t
Get lost in, the “Desert of the Mind”; immerse
Yourself in thoughtful consideration of the
Facts, the evidence for the facts, READ
Things for yourself. And don’t believe
Everything you read; give it some
Consideration, weigh what you
See against what you think.
“The Desert of the Mind”
Jerry E Smith, 9/25/15

"Seven Billion Mosquitoes" by Jerry E Smith

Masses of Humanity, swirling and teeming with life, and death. Lines
All straight and angular, intersecting and diverging again, just as do
The lives of the inhabitants of this anthill. Isn’t life Grand!
Smoke, fog, particulate discharges, all accumulate in the air, clogging
The lungs, making eyes water, obscuring the distance. Our waters
No longer fit to drink, to swim in, nor to eat of the fish that live
There, our lands overflowing with garbage. Wasn’t life Grand?
When oh when will we see that we must live together, in harmony
With each other, AND with our environment? Our world is dyeing,
Slowly but surely, and we are watching it happen. We had a good
Party while it lasted, Right? Yeah, right. Wouldn’t it be good to
Have our world back? Think you are too small to make a
Difference? Ever try sleeping with a mosquito in the
Room? Nothing we can do, individually, is too small
To make a difference. Think about what could
Happen if Seven Billion Mosquitoes, made
A difference in how the world proceeds to
The Future. Make a difference. It may
Not be too late. Let us pray it is not.
Jerry E Smith 9/26/15


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author avatar brendamarie
27th Sep 2015 (#)

great post

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author avatar Jongleur
27th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you brendamarie

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Keep writing my friend, cheers!

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author avatar Jongleur
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks again Fern, I am grateful for your praise.

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