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Blazer is invited to a dance school social with Benny

Meeting Mom's Guests

Blazer and Benny were spending the hot spring day swimming in the backyard pool at her house. Both rabbits were busy splashing each other when Mrs. Martinez walked passed with two older distinguished ladies. "Benicia be careful," Mrs. Martinez said "Watch where your splashing water."

"Sorry mom," She said. Benny hated to be called Benicia. Blazer floated to the edge of the pool.

"Who are those women?" he asked.

"Mom joined a women's club," Benny said diving underwater.
"Should we be out here?" Blazer asked. "It's OK," Benny said floating to the surface "Mom said we won't bother them."

Mrs. Martinez and her guests sat at a table with a silver tea set. "Please have a seat," she said. "Thank you," the ladies said.

"Nice children you have." one lady said.

Mrs. Martinez smiled "Benicia is my daughter," She said "Blazer is her boyfriend."

"Can we meet the children?" she asked. "Certainly," Mrs. Martinez said. "Benicia, Blazer could you two come over for a moment."

"The young rabbits climbed out of the pool dripping wet. Benny was wearing a string bikini with blue and yellow polka dots. Blazer wore his black shorts with the red flames.

Blazer and benny covered their wet chests with their hands. "Mrs. Hollister," Mrs. Martinez said "This is my daughter Benicia and her boyfriend Blazer."

"And this is Mrs. Hill," Mrs. Martinez said. Blazer and Benny shook hands with the ladies. "Blazer is my friend, but not my boyfriend," Benny corrected her mother.

The ladies looked the young rabbits over. Blazer was blushing. He was trying to cover his shorts and chest with his hands. "Your a fine looking young man." Mrs. Hollister said to Blazer. Blazer stood shivering.

"Thank you very much." he said politely.

"And Benicia is a beautiful young lady," Mrs. Hill said.

"Mom, this is embarrassing us, "Benny said "can we go back to swimming?"

"Yes," Mrs. Martinez said "have fun you two." The young rabbits quickly ran to the pool and jumped in "And I hate being called Benicia!" Benny yelled.

"They are quite a pair," Mrs. Hollister said watching the young rabbits swim. "Yes they certainly are," Mrs. Hill agreed.

"Benicia lacks some social refinement," Mrs. Martinez said "She likes sports, but I'm working on her."

"Those two must come to our dance at the dancing Academy Saturday."Mrs. Hollister said.

Mrs. Martinez smiled "Thank you for the invitation," she said "I know they'll both be thrilled to go. Benny screamed when Blazer pulled off her bikini top. She chased him in the pool. Benny tried to reach for her bikini while covering her chest with her arm.

"Now your bare chested like me." Blazer laughed. "If that was a comment about my body Blazer Rabbit" Benny yelled.

"What wrong with having a boy's chest," Blazer laughed." I like it." He rubbed his chest.

"Diamonds in the rough," Mrs Martinez sighed. She placed her hand on her forehead.


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Thanks for sharing your story. Smiles to you today.

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