Dancing into Love

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how did you find love, some person fell in love, some woke up in love, but how about just dancing into love?

Dancing into Love

My heart skips a beat, like a trainee drummer at the sight of her beautiful face
how wonderful it is to have her in my grace
Is this for real, am i alive, in heaven i surely must be
To that desolate room in my heart, i handed her the key
Oh my swan darling, dance for me please
dance for me and set my mind at ease
your gracefulness is nothing short of being a queen
i know for sure, this is heaven i a have seen

i become hypnotized and possessed by her every sway
i wish her to mold me in love like a potter with clay
the trance that holds me, please let it stay
possess my heart with your love, every single day
dance for me darling, i am yours to take
with every graceful step, i could feel my heart shake,
dance for me darling, and let our destiny be
for today they will be no more I, only of We.


Dancing, Dancing Into Love, Love, Love Dancing

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I am systems administrator and do a bit of poetry writing in my spare time. I live in Jamaica and enjoy a good horror movie.

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author avatar Shamarie
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

This is a nice poem, blogperfect! I like the rhyme scheme and tone of this piece!

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author avatar blogperfect
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks bro

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author avatar JayeByrd
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

Poetry sings. You provide the voice.

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author avatar blogperfect
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

always try my best

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author avatar Lee Hansen
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

Who wouldn't want to dance into love after this? Beautiful

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author avatar blogperfect
22nd Jul 2014 (#)


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

Come on Lady,
Let us dance.
It is intrigue,
Of the romance.
Pull me closer,
Whisper in Love.
Bring the rhythm,
Move me Above.

Feel the anthem,
Get the beat.
Musical rhythm,
This is the treat.
Flow it gently,
Bring it to Life.
Dance now Lady,
You are the Wife.

Move in silently,
Chorus in Love.
Bring the Wings,
Now fly Above.
Dips and spins,
Disappearing act.
Rising from Ashes,
Completely intact.

Dancing to beat,
Pulling the heart.
This is the magic,
Of the World Apart.
Who pulls me closer,
Whispers in love.
Dancing and smiling,
In Heavens Above.

All now asking it,
Who is that One.
Chorusing proudly,
Planet Earth and Sun.
Singing and Dancing,
Bringing all to Life.
Showing the truth,
Its all for the Wife.

Who pulls the fact,
Dancing it true.
Coming back cold,
Frozen in blue.
Showing Glaciers,
Preserving past.
With heat warming,
Beats to Last.

With the Dance,
Right to the beat.
Come on now Lady,
Turn on the heat.
Pull me closer,
Wave of Life.
Rub me gently,
End of Strife.

For with you now,
I move and soar.
I keep coming back,
Asking for more.
Showing harmony,
In Food of Love.
As the Sun winks,
In Heavens Above.

Coming closer,
Tickling Wife.
Who just giggles,
Causing strife.
Movers and shakers,
Furnace heat.
Creating Land,
Achieving Feat.

Boneless humour,
Whispering Dance.
Cloud of happiness,
Within One Romance.
But the truth of all,
Buried in heart.
As all now cleanse,
In World Apart.

Spirit of Rhythm,
Rioting Soul.
Leaving Dancer,
Fulfilled Whole.
Calling the name,
Whispering Love.
Dancing Forever,
In Heavens Above.

For I want no other,
This is my dance.
I pull my true Love,
Into that Romance.
Becoming One forever,
Whispering in Smile.
I am your Lady,
And I Love your Style.

This is my Creation,
Meet the Sun.
I am Planet Earth,
Second to None.
For this Lineage,
Protege of Time.
Showing Eternity,
Of Dance Sublime.

Where none know,
The truth of One.
We are Thr3e,
Named in Sun.
Now watch it,
This is Real.
Sun watching,
Dance surreal.

For all take turns,
Warming Skies.
Putting an end,
To all the lies.
Knowing forever,
Comes in Dance.
This is our beat,
No backward glance.

As we move it,
Pulling One.
Smiling and Winking,
Making Darkness run.
Showing this Life,
We play and Soar.
Planet Earth's back,
On the Dancefloor.

Pulling the Angel,
Who screams Life.
Planet Earth retorts,
End all Strife.
Now all are dancing,
With Riot of Spring.
Who Dances Alone,
In Lord of the Ring.

Showing the magic,
Ascending Throne.
Making Darkness,
In Mist now groan.
As they feel it.
Coldness alive.
Bringing the Eagle,
In Will to Survive.

Showing forever,
Dancing again.
Sending Darkness,
Into Memory lane.
Pulling the beat,
Mania adorns.
Bringing to Life,
Numerous Dawns.

Kiss of Life,
Colour awakes.
Showing reflection,
In myriad of lakes.
Planet Earth smiling,
Dancing in Love.
All for the Creator,
In Heavens Above.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 23rd July 2014

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

Missed my Dancing??? Well Planet Earth never fails for she knows without here there is no life around.... Take Care....

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author avatar blogperfect
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

Nice song Lady Aiyanna

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