Dare to dream and Care to achieve

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When one has to prove himself, he has to achieve something and to achieve something,he needs to strive hard and show the courage to face the risks and then enjoy success.

The three levels of people

People of lowest cadre:
People who never begin or take up any activity for the fear to risks and hurdles which they might face in future,are considered to be cowards.
They can not show any courage to take up the job just because of the fear of problems they might face in future.

People of middle cadre:
Those who take up a job but leave it half way, when they find something problematic or when there are some obstacles to be faced, are people of between cowards and brave.

People of highest cadre:
Those who take up and complete a job by facing the problems without running away from them are in the highest cadre.

Setting up goals

Goals must be set according to the ability we have.Set the goals which can be achieved easily first and then go for the one which are tougher.
Life is full of risks,hurdles and obstacles which keep greeting us every now and then.
These keep challenging every ounce of our courage which we secretly hold.We need to show this courage and overcome the hurdles.
There is no person in this world who hasn't got or faced a situation which he never had imagined about. This is where we need to keep our balance and show our talent in achieving success.

There is an old proverb about setting up goals which means : How can a rat reach heaven when it can't even jump till the pot full of cheese hanging at the roof.
Thus, we need to set goals according to the ability and reach the target in a step by step process.

Being humble for achieving certain goals is necessary.One has to not only learn where to win but also learn to be humble and not boast about the success achieved.Every success is achieved with a single step and one can never reach heights or peaks without taking that single step or facing the hurdles, and enjoying the success and feel contented.


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