Dark Pain

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Love can make you soar with happiness. Or love can leave you sore with sorrow. Sometimes love can leave you heartbroken. Even though you are surrounded by a crowd you still fell like you are walking alone. Alienated from the world outside, you live in the cocoon of your solitude, where you feel like you're dying every second of ur life. A Sad and Dark Poem

No time to write...

Long time!!!! I don't want my Wikinut Profile to die the slow lingering death of not being kept up.I can say I've been busy with work.That's true.
I've been so exhausted by the end of the day that my fingers would not type in complete sentences.That's true too.What adjustments we are making in this failing economy. But I am like many of the writers here - they simply love writing. For me its a complete Stress Reliever. So i keep on writing, even if now i can do so on weekends only.

Dark Pain

This night now conspires against me,
The moon's scarred black.
Stars reform into her face;
Their twinkling has died out.

Lightening strikes a hole in my heart
Purest poison pours from the sky
Spreading like cancer through my skin,
Pain beyond the realms of sense.

This soul's enveloped in grief,
Justice isn't all this world gives.
Your absence destroys me by bit,
This silence I can't account for.

As if you've ceased to exist,
Lost in dark shadows
Every entity eliminated
But your love's the force within me
With Sparkled silver in my scarlet veins.

I await,
for your being to be wiped off my mind
your face never to tread these synapses again.

I await,
the seclusion of my thoughts,
for those bars to open, liberate my mind.

That force seems to have died,
My ashes shall mix with dust, forgotten
Your silence I can't account for.

I'm forced to rely on these dark shadows,
Shadows that haunt my nightmares,
Leave me lost and lead me nowhere.

I don't deserve to live this
I didn't scar your surface
You project lies, you project blasphemy
Your so called truth deceives me.

You delude, you depict the incomplete
Your fogged insides reflect a disturbed sheen
A distorted life, blurred pictures.

These images used to be sharp
The path ahead gloriously vivid
But you've reduced it to a smear.

A stark contrast, you shine bright
Against the backdrop of the dark night
I'll avenge, I'll paint you red
With your blood, after I’m dead.

(╯︵╰,) © Shaunak

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author avatar Shaunak
Hi, i am Shaunak. I am a Technology freak who loves writing Poetry and Short stories. I also write about movies, music, business and anything that i find interesting.

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author avatar ShaneCold
6th Aug 2012 (#)

I thought I was the only one with beautiful dark poetry, but I am amazed by your art in your poem with those words I feel the same way as you described in the poem. Thanks for your words I have made my poetry better than ever with dark words and descriptions. You are a true poem master like I will be in the future!! Beautiful! I love the way you wrote this. Feels So True and sincere.

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author avatar Samridhi55
6th Aug 2012 (#)

what an amazing poem.. and I am sure that the majority of readers can relate to you.. When you write sad and dark poetry, i can connect with you. Keep writing

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author avatar akram saqib
6th Aug 2012 (#)

A stark contrast, you shine bright
Against the backdrop of the dark night ,, are comments on you and your poetry. well done

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author avatar Retired
8th Aug 2012 (#)

Brilliant piece, thank you!

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
9th Aug 2012 (#)

Your thoughts make good reading. However, I wonder why a young man like you should entertain these dark thoughts. Maybe you were tired after a long day in the office.
Come on, think of love romance and beauty at this age. You'll never be young again.

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author avatar Ridhi kaur
28th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice thoughts

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author avatar akram saqib
28th Aug 2012 (#)

clear and simple diction very nice

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