Days of radio, wars and simplicity

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Were we unhappy youth for not having had all the gadgets that exist today? Not a bit.

Days of radio, wars and simplicity

Woody Allen shot a film to recall the days when people only had a radio set to entertain at all times, but very especially in the evenings.
A radio broadcast a choice of programmes: contests, stories that lasted for a long time and after one chapter, they left the listener, wondering what was going to happen, but they would know it on the next day. They broadcast the news and concerts.
People switched on the radio to listen to it while they worked away on whatever they had. The radio didn´t stop them to do their work.
The radio also announced the start of another world war...
I was told that my father was very fond of listening to classical music concerts on the radio and that he used to pawn the blankets in the Summer to get a new radio set to listen the concerts live from London. In the Winter, we had blankets again but also a radio set by the bed.
I wasn´t born when world war second broke out, but the Vietnam one was the background of my adolescence as well as other petty ones worldwide.
If there was television, many of us didn´t have one at home, because TV sets were way to expensive to afford one. Our telephones were huge and came only in three colours -black, white and red, but the red one wasn´t easy to get. Some of these telephones stood on a little table in the living room or hung on the wall of a corridor.
We didn´t have any electric gadgets to entertain at home, but we played a lot in the open air. We didn´t have many clothes or shoes, but these were of good quality that had to last a long time.
There were few discos, but we organised our own parties at home with drinks as we could buy alcoholic ones before the age and we danced away till we were exhausted or it was time to go home.
We didn´t have Cd´s, but our records were made of a special material and we had to be careful not to scratch them when we played them on the record player.
Many of us were members of mountain groups and on most weekends we went up to the mountains. After long marches, we reached to the mountain shelter, prepare a meal and we sat around the fire, playing guitars and singing till late.
We didn´t buy or hire films, because they hadn´t arrived yet, but we went to the cinema a lot where in many dark rooms, they showed two films and we could watch the first one again if we had liked it very much.
Will anyone think that we were unhappy youth because we didn´t have all the items that there´re today?
Not a bit. We grew up happy and healthy to be able to use a computer or a mobile telephone, but we aren´t sorry for not having had all of this. Instead, we had other things to be as happy as we wanted to be.

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