Dealing with bureaucracy of government offices

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When we came to government offices to apply for something, we may face bureaucratic procedures and attitudes or behavior of bureaucrats that may be annoying

Dealing with bureaucracy of government offices

Have you ever been associated with government offices for getting license or other affairs? The government offices may ask some of copy documents enclosed in our application. In my experience, there are some differences of the administration system of government offices across the country. At one time, my family got child benefit from Social Department. An officer phoned me to send my child's birth certificate. The certificate was not written in English language. I send via facsimile. The officer called back and confirmed that this document was really your son's birth certificate. I answered yes. He did not inquire further, for example, he id not ask to translate the document in English language in order to understand the clerk. He also did not require to submit other documents. A few days later, the child benefit already paid through my bank account, and automatically goes to the next payment.
Other country may be different system. Other may be required to submit the same documents in copy of duplicate 3 or 4 pieces. The same event, when thousands of people applying for jobs must submit a copy of diploma school in duplicate of 3 or 4. You can imagine how many thousands or even millions of copy of documents collected in that office. In fact, after verification of documents by officer stacked even warehoused not useful. These experiences show that among government offices were no link data; as a result, the government services to the public late and its service might not effective and efficient.
If we observe in practice in the office government, we will find those who deal with the office, they send off from one part to another. Sometimes, they have to photocopy documents incomplete, and if their affairs are unfinished, they have to come back to the office next day. Some people think dealings with government offices causing them to lose time. Some people recognize barriers in the management of government offices as an opportunity for business services. They offer rapid management services by requesting fees agreed. Ironically, they who offer services have cooperated with the officers (“official in”), in order to all things can be quickly completed. This situation has been educating employees of corrupt behavior, and we often hear the phrase if something could be slowed why it should be accelerated, rather than vice versa.
Therefore, when I take care of something related to government offices, I studied the terms of the document that must be completed and trying to meet the rules. Then I came to the office to queue or wait for some time. When someone offers services to help, I say no thank you for the offer. I think, if we do not give a chance to the broker and the entire documentary requirements have been completed, and we wait patiently then we hope everything can be done smoothly
We are aware of the prudent principle in the Government service, especially concerning the spending budget. But the government should take into account that its bureaucratic system has made public services inefficient. In this context, the government may need reformation. These reforms aimed not only to change the bureaucratic procedures and attitudes or behavior of bureaucrats but also to change directed at the behavior of community, in order to achieve the effectiveness of bureaucracy and national development goals


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