Dear Gladness and Contentment,

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One of my most earliest work from junior year, highschool.

An open letter.

Dear Gladness and Contentment,
            I haven’t seen you for a while. I’m starting to get worried about you- that you’ll never come back. I’m hoping that you would come to stay or even just a visit. I wrote because I have important news to tell you.
When I was a junior in St. Paul College of Parañaque, I have been sent to SPSB (St. Paul School of  Balayan) to join the first ever Makabayan congress. I went together with, let’s say “the best of the best” Paulinians from all over the country.
There was this Pinoy challenge wherein the competition was interscholastic. There were four events: Balot-eating, Flag-retrieving, Palosebo and Bao-racing. Guess what place our school got? Eight out of eight contestant schools! Since I was involved in the first event and I was the last one to finish among three Parañaque Paulinians, it created a domino effect. Even though the other schools (well, some of them, at least) cheated because there were no standard game rules, I kept on blaming myself for what happened.
Then my senses came to me and made me realize something. It made me realize Fear’s true name. Among all things, I fear being left behind, feeling inferior and insecure, I fear Failure and Defeat!
It has been programmed in my mind to be competitive and confident when Opportunity asks for it. I give my best and I erase Failure and Defeat from my vocabulary. When Success comes after, I feel so relieved, grateful, fortunate and blessed, but when Failure and Defeat meets me after the competition, I feel disappointed, tricked, tired, hopeless, and inferior, and cursed.
That’s my weakness. I feel so proud because I worked my head, heart, body, soul and time: then for all that, Nothing greets me with a blank face.
After some time (and pep talks from close friends), I was able to put to mind that winning is not about the title, it is about the process of doing something useful with my efforts, a process of channeling the good in a person to something better; it’s about meeting great people and most importantly, it’s about sharing what you have and can do to other people.
When Opportunity brings Failure and Defeat with him, I should have an inner success that makes me feel accomplished; that I did well by my standards. And besides, I have Gladness and Contentment by my side to persuade me to be optimistic the next time.
I hope you’ll come and visit one day. I’ll be waiting here…


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