Dear Snow

Laurie Childree By Laurie Childree, 23rd Jan 2016 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Snow can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. When you live in an apartment that doesn't allow washing machines it can be tricky to stay in and stay warm while it's on the ground.


That was my reaction when twice in one week I woke up to see the ground covered in snow. It was freezing, actually below freezing out and I dreaded the day having my child cooped up inside. Though she went out to enjoy it for a few minutes before determining that she was entirely to cold outside.

I have been sick, and your creation of slush as you melt and refreeze does nothing to aid in the healing process. Looking at you makes me cold.

Memories of You

I can remember the few and far between visits you made during my childhood, I was not as excited as children should be when I realized how cold you were. The older I got the more I noticed that when you showed up everything began to close because we were not prepared to salt the roads and more often than not you melted as soon as you hit the roads only to refreeze into dangerous ice.

My avoidance of driving while you were falling was easy until I found myself on the Interstate headed into Texas and you had left several feet of white powder everywhere. The evidence of the other drivers' surprise was seen in the cars that had run off into the median, somehow even in my surprise and distraction at the sight, I managed to keep it on the road.

My time in Oklahoma city was just long enough to see how you affected my daily drive into work. Fortunately, for me since it was all highways and interstates to get the majority of places someone else typically drove me as it was for very short periods of time that I had a car while I lived there.

I remember freezing just going in and out from cars to buildings and vice versa. I can remember the one day I thought I was going to have to walk home in you, while not thrilled at the prospect I set out to do just that only to have my ride pick my up several minutes into my walk. I was relieved that he was merely running late and had not forgotten about me.

My Child and You

Were she not my mirror imagine I would think she was switched at birth. She yells with joy at the sight of you and gets upset when you go. She has to be called in for warmer clothing as in her excitement she will attempt to forgo getting dressed.

The sight of her enjoying you is almost enough to make me like you. I merely have one request, could you attempt to come during holidays when school is out for a few days or a week at a time to prevent it from running into summer?

Tired, cold and old


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29th Jan 2016 (#)

An impressive piece here with such great lusage of effective literary device!!

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