Death Agony of Capitalism: The Need for Revolutionary Change

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Are we at the dawn of a new era? One thing is certain the capitalist system is in a state of collapse, experiencing its death agony, but the truth is capitalism will not simply fade away, it is the duty of the working peoples of the world to bring this vile and corrupt system to an end.

Capitalism in Crisis

The economic prerequisites for change in society have existed for several years to date and the need for change has never been so important as it is today, clearly capitalism is a spent and bankrupt force and a force that a large percentage of the world's population will agree has overstayed its welcome, capitalist society is stagnant and moribund today. Yet the question of why capitalism has not been overthrown is a crucial one and one that needs to be understood in respect of understanding the ebb and flow of society and how it is impacted by events in the world.

Marx used the word "proletarian" to describe the interests of the working people of the world as a simple group, this is a word that is really seen as old fashioned in the world of the 2000s, yet it is important that we understand the need for a leadership of the working class that must stand up against the might and power of the capitalist class because ultimately there are two forces that must ultimately clash in the struggle for the future of humanity, these are:

  • The capitalist class - the owners of the means of production and the decision makers in our current society, and
  • The working class - those people who must use their labor power in order to earn a living and this is as true for the factory worker as it is for those who work in an office environment, and without their efforts nothing gets produced.

The Need for Change

The prerequisite for revolutionary change by the working class is having a leadership that is capable of confronting the capitalist class, supported by the mass bastions of the working people of the world and historically there has been a crisis in the leadership of the working people of the world.

Truth is the capitalist class is unable to see a way forwards, in many respects it is tobogganing, eyes closed, towards an economic catastrophe and perhaps the only thing that is holding together the capitalist class at the current time is their fake war on terror, that is the modern equivalent of the threats and warmongering that preceded World War 2 using these as a part of organizing against the working class, the present crisis in the capitalist system is far from having run its full course, but the mild economic improvements seen during the course of 2014 are not capable of giving to the whole of society. In Greece where the economy was battered by a severe economic depression that has lasted six years, wiping out 25 percent of GDP and an official unemployment rate over 27 percent, but a poverty rate that affects a further 20% of the population, it is said that the country's economy is recovering, but any recovery is fragile at best and in reality domestic austerity measures are likely to last for many more years, many of the Greek capitalists have already left the country and have little interest in investing in its future. The same is true for much of the western world where investment is running at record lows.

A World at War

Look anywhere and it is clear the world is at conflict, whilst there is no prospect of an imminent war like World War 2 (which brings all countries into a single conflict) there as so many conflicts happening around the globe that US, British, Canadian and other armed forces are constantly being drawn into, yet in the other side of each of these conflicts there is a hatred of Western Imperialism and this anti-western nature is drawing some confused youth the the banner of radical Islam because they seem to be the only alternative, yet they are not forward looking at all.

Yet these groups are far from being radical, they are more reactionary in nature because their leadership that does nothing but support their own national version of a corrupt capitalist regime, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Gaza, Nigeria, Afghanistan are examples of the militaristic conflicts and there many others that are teetering on the brink.

It should be clear that capitalism has reached an impasse and that the prerequisites for revolutionary change are today being seen, but what is missing is a clear leadership that is able to steer the working peoples (the greater masses) of the world to controlling their own destiny and curiously the monumental crisis mankind faces today reduces to the ability of those who oppose the capitalist class and their ability to bring an end to the capitalist system, and their ability to achieve that goal boils down to one thing, the capability of leadership, a leadership charged with making change possible.

Revolutionary Leadership

We mare currently at the dawn of a new era, the chief obstacle in the path of transforming society in the current period rests in a working class leadership that is focused on minor reforms rather than a wholesale change in society, the working class require leaders who have a vision of the future, a future run by the working people of the world, not by an elitist group that is only interested in lining the pockets of an elite minority at the expense of the majority in society. It is clear that everywhere the capitalist class is decaying, they are not investing in their own system (unless they are forced to).

This leadership must understand that capitalism is experiencing a death agony and that their tasks are to ensure that this time the system that attacks the vast majority of the peoples of this planet and is one of the prime causes of global warming needs to be killed off and never given a chance to return. In every country, in their millions, the masses of the working peoples of the world need a clear path to revolutionary change and in each country it is their task to break down the conservative apparatus of this outdated capitalist system. Every action by working peoples of the world must be supported by other working people, no matter how close or far they are, this is not a time for capitulation, it is a time for courage and a time for forcing change on a worldwide scale.

The ultimate goal is the conquest of power by the working class of the world and the expropriation of the capitalist class, but for the achievement of that goal every victory of the working class is a victory that must be celebrated and must act as a trigger for new action. In the struggle for change working peoples need mass organizations, including trade unions and parties of labor that stand up against the capitalist class on all occasions, for example in the US presidential election there needs to be a candidate that stands for the working masses and ultimately the oppressed majority of the working peoples must be drawn into the struggle and at that time to create organizations that can both embrace and force change on a revolutionary scale.

The Liberal parties and Liberal class stand at a crossroads today, either support the needs of the working peoples of the world or stand out of the way, because their is no third path.

It is important to be clear and work towards the needs of the working peoples and avoid any compromise that assists the capitalist class, there is likely to be a need to create new leaders on an ad-hoc basis, but it is necessary that each step taken is more militant than the last, change is essential because if the capitalist system is not replaced at the current time then it will rear its ugly head again and will be harder to replace, now is the time for bold and decisive leadership against this bankrupt system.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Interesting point Grant, well expressed and written in every word, give a star to this post!

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author avatar Grant Peterson
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you Fern.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Jan 2015 (#)

Thought provoking, Grant. The main grouse I have against the capitalist system is the rich are getting richer at the cost of the poor. Then there is the cornering of natural resources that should belong to the state and not privately owned.

However, communist system has inherent exploitative trends - few still control the apparatus, in China the Princelings, descendants of senior party officials, hold sway and influence. In India the leaders of militant trade unions used to dictate terms to the management to the extent the latter were made impotent.

Both systems, sadly, do not serve the common citizens due to the inherent human nature of ego and selfishness - siva

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author avatar Grant Peterson
13th Jan 2015 (#)

Siva, you are right to criticize China, but remember in their system the Communist party is not a party of the people it is a party of a bureaucratic elite and they govern a system that is more akin to state sponsored capitalism than peoples rule, but also remember that the majority of Chinese large businesses are being governed by the needs of western Capitalism.

In India you must ask yourself who owns and therefore controls the means of production and that is the capitalist class, not trade unions. Trade unions have limits because their role is to fight to improve worker conditions, not to change society as a whole, they are able to contribute to change but rarely lead it and that leadership is required in the modern era to ensure the end of capitalism that controls the worldwide economy.

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author avatar GenkiWorld
13th Jan 2015 (#)

i think we will see some change soon eough.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
17th Jan 2015 (#)

I think the biggest issue I see with this whole thing is the fact that so often so many "leaders of the workers" sell out once they get their grubby paws on some power.

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author avatar Grant Peterson
18th Jan 2015 (#)

Vickie, that is a major problem. One of the things I believe is that a workers representative should be paid the average wage for the people they represent, that way they should never lose sight of who they work for.

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