Death Penalty For Corruptors

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corruption is a major crime that must be eradicated, to eliminate corruption in a country's need for special legislation on corruption. and should also applied the death penalty for criminals to create a deterrent effect so that no more criminals are miserable people and threaten the economy of a nation

Severity of Punishment for Corruptors Make no Deterrent for Corruptors

Corruption is the abuse of power for personal interests, Groups and others. Today almost all agencies of government there is corruption to seek personal gain, It makes the wheels of government are not normal and services had to be decreased.

Also includes the weight of corruption criminal because corruption is a crime, Which they are corrupt stealing or embezzling public money under the pretext of preparing for the welfare of the people, But in a government project for the people of all it must be a loophole for corruption by unscrupulous persons who are not responsible. For example, There is road construction project with funds that have been determined, That in view of the budget becomes unnatural by criminals.
Fortunately the government did not remain silent, To establish a special agency to handle corruption is corruption eradication commission, With the presence of this institution has many modes of corruption uncovered and the criminals caught. However, Corruption is not lost, In fact, Although many of the criminals who were caught still many corrupt officials, Who are often involved in corruption are of high state officials, Such as ministers, Lawmakers, Governors, Regents, Trustees city up from the private sector.

The Death Penalty to Make the Deterrent Effect of The Corruptors

In their own court in sentencing corruptors will vary depending on the level of errors and the amount of money in corruption, The question is, Whether this punishment can deter criminals, I think not, Because the number of captured and sentenced to many years, The evidence is that there are still were arrested for corruption. I think the problem is the lack of punishment of the criminals so that they are not afraid and not a deterrent to corruption.

In this case the government has full authority to change the law on this corruption, As an ordinary citizen, I want to give advice to the government, The need for special laws tougher again for the corruptors. for example, The death penalty for anyone who commits the crime of corruption. The death penalty is applied I believe corruption will fade away and people will prosper.

But of course, The death penalty is not easy, The government must work together with all parties, Including the parliament, Human rights commissions and agencies related agencies for the perception of the death penalty for corruptors this, Its primary key is consistency leaders of this country to eradicate corruption .

If the law on combating corruption is not in my revision sure corruption will continue to exist and will have a negative impact on the economy of a nation because its officials had not thought of the people again, They are only concerned and seek personal gain and only group.

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3rd Dec 2014 (#)

Interesting article... Corruption is a big enemy in every countries in world wide. Thank you for sharing this.

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3rd Dec 2014 (#)

thank you also have to visit here

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3rd Dec 2014 (#)

Imagine no more politicians anywhere!

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4th Dec 2014 (#)

thank you fern,have a nice day..

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