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I am sorry Yakub Memon was executed. I think capital punishment is a reverse gear, in my country. I am also appalled by the fact that this punishment which does not seem to have any positive effect is considered right by some in our country. I was shocked with what the lady on yesterday's television program was arguing.

She opined something to the effect that by killing many people in the country, the terrorist declared a war, albeit internal

Let us for a moment agree to that argument. If so, more were killed during Gujarat riots. Why is it that we have not fished out those who were killed there? Were those perpetrators of crime not at war with the nation simply because they were "Hindus"?

Argument was that if the terrorist was kept in prison, chances are that some aircraft would be hijacked

Of course, the object would be to get the release of this terrorist and many others. I agree our police force risks lives to get hold of these terrorists, and their lives and those of their family members would be at risk if these terrorists are set loose, not to mention lives of many other innocents in the country. Having said that, I am not sure terrorists would stop hijacking, kidnapping, or resort to other crimes such as holding people as hostages, if one of theirs was not there in prison. Effectively, the threat and risk of hijacking, kidnapping, etc., for ransom, has little to do with the terrorist in the prison, and more to do with security lapses, lack of alertness, and lack of imaginative skills of security personnel.

If the terrorist has not repented

We have made a martyr out of him, for others who suffer any injustice in the hands of this society to follow on his footsteps in the name of glory. The object should be to make the person realize rather than let him or her continue to hold and revel in those beliefs. It is possible to revisit the faith and indicate why his act is wrong in the eyes of people and eyes of god. Without that the entire exercise is futile and in fact, detrimental to the interest of many. We should now expect some retaliation in which some innocents will lose their lives and many innocents will have their lives disrupted. The saga will continue.

Justice is repair the harm as far as possible

If the man kills my mother, how can killing him get me back my mother?

If I kill him, am I not hurting his mother, wife, son, daughter, father, and siblings? If they have not done any harm to the country do they deserve to suffer?

Is death penalty a good deterrent? Has it stopped criminals and terrorists ever? How can it stop when others only read about it, debate about it, but not watch the pain? If I lose my mother when I am five years old, would my pain be only as brief as five minutes of strangulation? I am just asking why people have developed this view that killing in return is justice. If that mentality remains then would not the son or daughter of terrorist feel the same way? And if they do feel the same way, can we really say they are wrong?

Killing in war is fair, killing terrorist in an attack is fair, killing unarmed is wrong

It is pretty much like prisoner of war. He belongs to enemy nation. But he is not an enemy in person once he has no arms. I agree with this argument against capital punishment presented by AAP candidate. That should have been a good argument to save Yakub Memon.

Statistics force us to review and be honest with ourselves

Indeed statistics show that most of the persons on death row in India are from scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and minority community members. Are we deliberately letting go of people from higher caste? After all, Gujarat riots did happen, and so did Bhagalpur incidents, and Bajrang Dal terror on Staines and others? So is death penalty being confined to people who are for some reason downtrodden in the society? Is it then fair? Are there more African Americans on death row than members of other races in the US? I would be interested to know that, and similar discriminatory policies elsewhere, which will indicate that death penalty has remained as something only for people considered inferior in some way. We need to re-program our thinking if that is so.

Yakub Memon is not important, the question of death penalty is

I was sorry even for the Pakistani boy, Kasab. He sure sounded confused as anybody at his age would be. If he can be brain-washed into believing that something is right, then the corresponding cure is brain-washing him into believing that what he did was wrong, and making him repent it, and letting him spread the word from prison and other places that he was wrong. The battlefield has changed. Now, it is brain games; belief games. Can we get realistic please? After all, we left the era of gladiators and death under the foot of elephant behind as inhuman. So why not this? Yes, the person needs to realize, and be willing to accept some form of punishment as a way to atone for his sins. Just how we can do that is what needs to be worked at, and not retracing our steps to an eye-for-an eye type of justice, which as Gandhiji said will leave everybody blind.


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author avatar peachpurple
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

sounds like a trouble country. peace

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

You should link to a news story about him so people who are not familiar can read more to understand why he was killed and such

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author avatar vandana7
4th Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you for the hint Mark Gordon Brown. I could not of course locate required link but I am experimenting with one link for now. I might have to delete that link just in case it is not related to capital punishment the way I am looking at it. Thank you once again. :)

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author avatar snerfu
5th Aug 2015 (#)

Hello Vandana, I think you are missing the point here.
It is not that we are war with terrorist per se.
Like you say, terrorism will exist at all times. Yet the "Kasab" or Ÿakub" who is willing to step out and gun down innocent people are just a handful.
By hanging these "willing"people, we are doing our best to keep the force of terrorism at bay.
We do not wage battles through the prisons of the country. We stop the battles from happening.

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author avatar vandana7
5th Aug 2015 (#)

Could we not reduce the number of Yakub's and Kasab's by being fair instead of letting politicians play about it all for temporary gains?

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author avatar Retired
10th Sep 2015 (#)

Well, Vandana, I beg to differ here. What the statistics reveal might be a mere coincidence, I don't feel that the judiciary is selective in awarding death sentences. Executing terrorists sends a strong message to the separatist forces across the border and I see nothing wrong in it.
However, I agree with you on the fact that there is showing of favoritism when it comes to those that are brought to book e.g. those involved Gujarat riots.

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